The BEST Exhausts for Ducati Monster 1200

Dec 26, 2018

Ducati Monster 1200 Popular Exhaust Comparison

Adding a performance exhaust to your Ducati Monster 1200 is an awesome upgrade. Not only does it save lots of weight, but the increased air flow allows for better performance, and that amazing exhaust tone that EVERY Ducati should have! Lets break down a few of the most popular options. Note: to achieve the best possible performance and run-ability, a Rapid Bike Auto Tuner is highly recommended.

1. SC-Project Titanium Dual CR-T Exhaust

The absolute bad boy exhaust. Full Titanium link pipe and exhaust construction, this setup is lightweight and has a tone that belongs in a MotoGP garage! The "dual" exhaust fits the style of the Monster like a glove. SC-Project exhausts are hand made right along side the same exhausts you see on MotoGP bikes and at race tracks around the world. 



2. SC-Project Oval Exhaust

Available in either Carbon Fiber or Titanium, this oval exhaust is best for those that are looking for an aggressive sound, without waking up the dead with exhaust volume. The removable dB killer is great for switching between street and track usage. The oval design makes great power and is easier on the budget.


3. Arrow Race Tech Slipon

Arrow Race-Tech exhaust range was the first series of silencers designed with the new diamond-shaped section. The advanced profile (looks like a diamond, with smooth corners) makes it possible to reduce dimensions with respect to an exhaust with a more traditional shape and with an equivalent section surface. Legendary quality makes Arrow a great choice. The removable dB killer insert allows for tame vs aggressive exhaust tone with the simple removal of the insert.

4. SC-Project Titanium S1 Exhaust

Small, Lightweight, Titanium, and POWERFUL! That is the S1 line by SC-Project. Made in Italy, the S1 design is directly developed from racing competitions such as MotoGP and SBK. The silencer body is in full titanium with conical shape and the exit end is in matte carbon fiber of the highest quality. The massive exhaust outlet allows for increased exhaust flow and noticeable performance gains.


5. Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust

The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust offers a good balance between price and performance. Each exhaust is designed to enhance the performance and match the design philosophy of your motorcycle. Transform the nature of your bike by adding not just more power, but also that resonant Akrapovic sound. Somewhat bulky construction, this exhaust is a good value for the price, but may not offer the same weight savings vs some of the smaller titanium exhaust options.



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