TOP 3 Ducabike Clear Clutch Color Combinations

Jan 22, 2020

Top 3 color combinations for Ducabike Clear Clutch Covers

The easy part is deciding that you WANT a Ducabike Clear Clutch (aka Oil Aquarium). The hard part is deciding what color combination to go with. With many color options available, it can be difficult to decide what color combination would look best on your Ducati.

Once you understand what components make up a Ducabike Clear Clutch kit, then you can start to play with different color combinations. 

To help show you what parts are required for a Ducabike oil bath, check out our blog entry HERE. This blog shows the anatomy of a clear clutch kit.

Lets take a look at the 3 most popular combos that Motovation riders prefer:

  1. This combo is the most common set that is ordered. Red inner ring, Black/Silver pressure plate, and Red outer ring. Certainly a GREAT looking setup. This combo seems to go very well with black or red Ducati models.

    ducabike direct bolt on parts ducati clear clutch cover best
  2. The “stealth mode” combo is another setup that riders enjoy. The clear clutch is unique enough to many, and the color combo can remain simple and dark. Still a very unique looking combo. This combo seems to match very well to white or black bikes.

    stealth clutch clear ducabike ducati

  3. If you believe that “gold is the new black”, you will certainly enjoy this color combo. Gold outer ring, Gold/Silver pressure plate, and a Red inner ring really sets of this kit. Seeing this kit on a Black or Red bike will make you a believer.

    ducabike oil bath aquarium ducati monster clear

Ducabike parts are made in Italy with an attention to creating unique designs. The Ducati owner is a unique rider that demands both quality and design. Ducabike understands the need to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some additional examples of amazing color combinations that can be had.

ducati ducabike parts clutch

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Check out some YouTube examples of the Motovation bikes showing off their Ducabike Clear Clutch! Be sure to upload your video showing off your favorite color combo!