Is your BMW S1000RR properly protected?

Jan 30, 2020

Best Protection options for 2020+ BMW S1000RR. 

Today is the day. You have off work, the weather is beautiful, the temperature is warming up to perfection and you have just met up with your riding buddies for a great day of riding backcountry roads with your brand new 2020+ S1000RR. All your friends surround you and your bike upon arrival to check out the latest and greatest 2-wheeled race machine straight out of Germany. The exciting high of showing off your new steed is cut short when one of your buddies ask you what the puddle forming underneath the parked bike is. Your happiness turns to panic and horror as you realize its coolant coming out fast and upon further inspection, you see that a rock has pierced the fragile inner workings of your bikes radiator. As you weigh either calling a friend with a truck to pick you up or gamble trying to limp the bike home, that little voice of reason in the back of your head tells you this all could’ve been avoided with a simple 140 dollar radiator guard. You don’t even want to know how much a replacement radiator cost, much less the cost of labor to get it installed. 


Luckily for S1000RR owners, the list of aftermarket protection available is quite long. A front runner of the aftermarket protection category is Evotech Performance. They have been designing and manufacturing Radiator Guards and Oil Cooler Guards in the UK for over a decade.

2020 2021 2022 2023 bmw s1000rr radiator guard

Evotech’s latest version of the radiator guard also comes with protection for the oil cooler 

They approach each radiator guard project with the same end goal; to create a guard offering maximum protection and perfect fitting, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of the bike and retaining cooling efficiency. 

In addition to radiator guards, Evotech produces excellent Frame Sliders 


2020 2021 2022 2023 bmw s1000rr frame sliders best


 Axle Sliders

bmw s1000rr fork sliders evotech


and Tail Tidys

2020 2021 2022 2023 bmw s1000rr tail tidy evotech