Anatomy of a Ducabike Clear Clutch Cover

Jan 16, 2020

The Ducabike Clear Clutch Cover is one of the most unique parts available for Ducati owners.

An awesome mod that popped up for Ducati motorcycles starting with the change over to wet clutches from dry clutches and continuing onto the entire modern-day Ducati Motorcycle line-up is the Clear Clutch Oil Bath Cover offered by Ducabike. It offers the the ability to see the clutch pack spinning similar to earlier open dry clutches traditionally found on Ducatis without the signature dry clutch sound. Go to any bike night and if there is a Ducati with a clear clutch cover, chances are it has caught your eye. You also might of heard people call it by many different names. Anything from a fish bowl, oil bath, looking glass, to aquarium. In the land of never-ending aftermarket accessories, there isn’t a single product that can add such a ‘Wow’ factor without bank account wrecking titanium or carbon fiber being thrown into the mix. Starting and running the bike with a clear cover adds to the cool factor as the clutch pack can be be seen spinning rapidly and filling with oil under normal use. Ducabike offers all pieces (Cover, Pressure plate, and inner pressure plate ring) in different colors to suit every rider’s liking & style.

anatomy of a ducabike clear clutch cover panigale monster diavel hypermotard

As seen here (Picture) we have all 3 pieces labeled to show you which piece is which. The Cover and inner pressure plate ring comes in red, gold, black, and silver. The pressure plate picture above comes in red, black and gold only.  The combination of colors possible are endless and will really allow you to personalize your Ducati. 


ducabike ducati clear clutch panigale spinning oil

Ducabike currently offers clear clutch cover, pressure plate and inner ring for all Panigale, Hypermotard, Diavel, Multistrada, 848, Monster, and Scrambler models. 

ducabike clear clutch cover motovation

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