Decat Mid Pipe

May 15, 2019

How do you make your Ducati Hypermotard 950 Race Ready?

First thing is to get rid of the heavy and restrictive catalytic converter.

Arrow offers a decat link pipe to get ride of the stock cat. This allows for great exhaust airflow and increased sound and performance. Designed specifically for race use, a de-cat mid pipe is the first step to gaining maximum power from your Ducati Hypermotard 950 / 950SP.

arrow decat link pipe ducati hypermotard

Arrow Part # 71707MI

This decat mid pipe allows you to eliminate the stock catalyzer from your exhaust system*, allowing for a more free flowing and unrestricted exhaust flow. Arrow has designed this link pipe to fit your stock headers. These are often combined with an Arrow Slip-On exhaust to create a "half system". Arrow is well known for race use and has a long history of performance exhaust systems.

That means that if you add this to your stock exhaust, you will get increased exhaust flow, and increased sound production. However, to really maximize the gains, adding a race tuned slipon exhaust to a decat link pipe offers the best performance.

In addition to the Arrow exhaust options, we have found that the SC-Project slipons mate up perfectly to the Arrow decat link pipe, allowing for many different exhaust combinations to match your style.

ducati hypermotard 950 full system

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*check your local laws for any restrictions with race exhaust usage