Protect your radiator in style

May 25, 2019

Don't let a rock ruin your ride!

Evotech Performance radiator guards are the best in the world.

yamaha mt09 radiator guard evotech performance

Evotech Performance have been designing and manufacturing Radiator Guards and Oil Cooler Guards in the UK for over a decade. They approach each radiator guard project with the same end goal; to create a guard offering maximum protection and perfect fitting, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of the bike and retaining cooling efficiency. 

Riding is about being free and enjoying the road. All it takes is one single pebble to change that. Wether its a rock slung by the rider in front of you, or even a piece of debris thrown at your radiator from your own front tire. The slightest damage to your delicate radiator can cause overheating and catastrophic failure.

triumph street triple radiator guard evotech performance

The best way to protect your bike with with a radiator guard that has a rigid design to keep small rocks and debris out, but will still allow the perfect amount of air flow.

All Evotech Performance radiator guards include a unique hexagonal matrix of holes, allowing for maximum airflow through the radiator whilst offering protection from road debris. This one piece construction, allows them to create a slender, lightweight guard without the need for a separate mesh and frame construction. EP Radiator Guards and Oil Cooler Guards use solid mounting points that exist on or around the radiator, sometimes using secondary brackets for a secure fit. 

ktm 390 790 duke radiator guard evotech performance

Evotech Performance Radiator Guards and Oil Cooler Guards are specifically tailored to fit individual models of motorcycles, without the need for any modification. Designed to fit snugly behind fairing panels and wrap around corners of the radiator in order to blend seamlessly with the lines of the bike. Evotech Performance guards sit offset from the fins of the radiator and follow its contours perfectly, whether its a flat or curved radiator. This gap ensures that the guard will not touch or rub the fins causing damage to the radiator and possibly reducing its cooling efficiency.

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