MotovationUSA wants to be the BEST

Sep 29, 2019

Being the BEST is a never ending quest.

Something as simple as the “Google Customer Reviews” icon sitting quietly on the bottom of the homepage. This little badge is easy to overlook and easy to disregard. Some stores wont even post their badge, because Google reviews cannot be altered or retracted once negative reviews are received.
motovation has the best service
We wear our badge with pride! Because WE EARNED IT!
In this day and age, the motorcycle industry is under attack from the big box stores, fake knock offs, and fly by night websites. It is truly a unique time to be a customer. While an overwhelming number of options are available, the line between fake and genuine, high quality and garbage, is being blurred. Many outlets are offering a wide range of parts to customers. The problem is, those outlets don’t posses the in-depth knowledge that make the “modification” experience complete.
Its very easy to start a website, list a ton of products, stock nothing, and just pay for Google Ad Words. This will get you on the front page of search results. But what about the customer/rider? Are they getting the best parts, best information, best experience? Sadly, they are not.
It is very common for us to get a call from a frustrated customer. They got online, searched for some mirrors, and saw ads for the megaparts store, so they ordered. What they were NOT aware of, was the lack of specific parts knowledge that the big box store has. The customer pays for their order, and waits anxiously for their mirrors to arrive.
The package shows up with fancy logo tape, stickers inside, and everything is cool, right? Sure, until the rider goes to install the mirrors they ordered and waited for, only to find out they needed bike specific adapters for the mirrors. Why was this not communicated to the customer up front??? The answer is simple. The big box store operates on a large scale, and is not focused on the individual customer experience or the in depth part specific knowledge that is required. The fact is that one simple bit of information, the need for an extra adapter, will completely change the customer experience. This is why Motovation spends so much time training with hands on experience to the parts the represent.
Here at Motovation, we operate differently. We know that you (the rider) have TONS of choices on where to buy parts. With the manufacturers setting retail prices in most cases, the price is often the same everywhere you look. This is an opportunity. An opportunity to differentiate ourselves using service and experience.
Product knowledge starts internally. With every new manufacturer that comes onboard to the Motovation distribution network, the entire Motovation staff goes through dedicated training procedures regarding the product specifics. Our quest for motorcycle parts knowledge is never complete. If we wouldn’t put a specific part on our own bike, we won’t put it on our website. Its that simple.
What we offer the customer and the industry, is passion. We care about representing ONLY the best brands. We care about the customer being happy with the parts they purchase. We ride, we buy parts, we ARE customers (even if we buy from our own warehouse!). We know what it means to wait for a part. We know what it means to get a part that doesnt’t fit your bike. We know, because WE RIDE TOO!
motovation has the best price
TLDR: We care about our customer service rating, and we take pride in our reputation. We know the best way to compete in a market full of competitors offering some of the same products, is to actually care about each individual rider as if you are part of our squad! Every order you place on helps fund racer sponsorships, riding schools, Veteran support organizations, and motorcycle industry events.