Half System vs Slipon vs Full System Exhaust

Jan 31, 2019

What is the BEST exhaust setup for your motorcycle?

sc project gsxr slipon fullsystem best exhaust

Exhaust Buyers Guide

One thing we can all agree on, is that stock exhausts make better boat anchors than performance exhausts. With growing emissions standards, stock exhausts are literally robbing power and performance from your motorcycle. A simple exhaust change can unleash the performance you paid for when you bought your bike.

Here are some of the different examples of motorcycle exhaust setups that are available...

1. Slipon Exhaust

The most common introduction into a moto upgrade. The slipon is designed to literally replace your stock exhaust canister by simply "slipping on" in place of the original exhaust can. In most cases, you can expect noticeable performance gains and increased exhaust tone by this east step. Removing the catalytic converter (known as "cat") offers greatly improved exhaust sound and exhaust flow. In some cases the cat is not located inside the exhaust can, meaning that a slipon exhaust in that instance may not eliminate the catalytic converter. Some stock exhaust cans have the catalytic converter built directly into the exhaust. This means that in some cases, you are technically eliminating the cat when you replace your stock exhaust. The weight savings from ditching the overweight stock exhaust is a commonly overlooked benefit.

sc project slipon exhaust

2. Half System (Decat System)

With so many sportbikes and naked bikes coming with catalytic converters built between the headers and the exhaust (sometimes the exhaust actually has the cat built inside of the exhaust can), the slipon exhaust will not always open of the most restrictive portion of your exhaust....the cat. This is where a Half System is beneficial. Modern technology allows for most stock headers to be engineered for optimum performance. The catalytic converter, installed for emission regulations, is the main restriction of exhaust flow in most cases. This means that a decat link pipe or Half System will mate up to the stock headers directly. With no cat in between, you have essentially created a full system effect, while using the front portion of the stock headers. This setup will show significant performance gains and increased exhaust tone and volume. At this level, your tuning solution becomes crucial for maximizing performance gains. (See Rapid Bike EVO Auto Tuners for the preferred tuning solution)

scproject decat half system triumph street triple

3. Full System Exhaust

For absolute performance and maximum power, a full system delivers. In this setup, you completely abandon the stock exhaust hardware from the engine ports to the tip of the exhaust can. A full system is exactly that, a full exhaust system from front to back. In many cases the option to upgrade to full titanium headers/collectors will offer even more benefit in heat and weight. With a full system exhaust installed, it is required that you provide a tuning solution to optimize air to fuel ratios. Now that your exhaust flows so unrestricted, the need for increased air intake, and fuel injection because an important part of maximizing performance. (See Rapid Bike EVO Auto Tuners for the preferred tuning solution)

ducati panigale v4 best scproject exhaust full system

With there being so many exhaust options these days, here are a few things to look for in your new exhaust.

  • Technology: Choose a brand that has a REAL racing heritage. You will benefit from the exhaust technology developed in racing and track testing.
  • Materials: Look for a lightweight and durable material like Titanium or Carbon Fiber. While some exhausts may look good in photos, pay close attention to the construction of welds and material. This will ensure your exhaust can withstand the immense heat and pressure.
  • Style: Find the exhaust that completes the overall “look and style” you are going for. Performance and sound are major benefits from an aftermarket exhaust, but dont overlook the cool factor. Your bike is an extension of you, and an exhaust can help give you the look you are after.


“multiple consecutive World Championship titles”

SC-Project is a leader in the motorsport racing world. With multiple consecutive World Championship titles across MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and more, the racing heritage is strong with SC-Project exhausts. This means that the millions of dollars and hours spent on research and development for the top racing teams in the world, lends its technology to be used in the production of consumer level exhausts.

custom exhaust scproject titanium full system slipon

With a focus on premium materials like titanium and carbon fiber, SC-Project exhausts can stand up to the heavy stress of road racing and hard street riding. Premium materials offer premium results. Saving weight in many cases is the same as adding horsepower to your machine.

“millions of dollars and hours spent on research and development for the top racing teams in the world”


Note: With a focus on exhaust performance and engine tuning, do not overlook the benefits of a high flow air intake filter. More air is required to keep up with increased exhaust exit flow. A Sprint Filter is recommended by Motovation Accessories.

Note: Exhausts and emissions may vary by country and even by state. Please check your local laws and restrictions regarding motorcycle exhausts.