Are electronics hurting motorcycles?

Jan 6, 2020

Are electronics hurting motorcycles?

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Is there such thing as too many rider assist features?

Since Traction Control was first introduced in top-level motorcycle racing classes and later trickled down into production motorcycles available to the general public, we have seen a boom in the electronic system available to us.

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What started as a simple safety feature that measured the difference in wheel spin between the front and rear wheel and adjust power accordingly has evolved to the modern IMU/Computer system monitoring the bike’s x,y,z axises and controlling multiple systems such as wheelie control, slide control, launch control, and up/down quick-shifters. Originally only offered on the highest-end racetrack derived super bikes, aftermarket companies such as Rapid Bike now offers quick shift systems for bikes such as the adventure-oriented Yamaha Fj-09 and sport heritage XSR900. Despite the safety and speed offered by these systems, they aren’t without their critics.

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It’s not uncommon to hear people say that these electronic systems and the ‘safety net’ they provide, ruin the experience of riding a motorcycle. We agree these systems should not be relied upon to replace skills learned through training and experience. Some riders don't even take the time to learn how to turn on or off traction control, wheelie control, etc. However, these features should be viewed exactly as they were intended to be in the first place, a riding aid. A supplement to the rider helping mitigate risk on any condition road or pushing the limits on the track. is the preferred source for premium motorcycle parts and accessories.