AELLA Titanium Valve Stem Caps

Feb 14, 2019

AELLA is a Japanese company known for high end aluminum and titanium accessories for modern motorcycles. Japanese parts have always been know for high level machining and quality control. These valve stems are a perfect example.

aella titanium valve stems ducati

These tire stem valve caps are made of titanium. The image above shows the raw titanium version, and is great for bikes that want a lightweight and high quality valve stem cap.

The "rainbow" effect shown below is a heat treated version of the plain titanium. For decades, motor heads have been in love with the beautiful rainbow or "blueing" effect. The oxidation of titanium is produced by a heating process that causes the titanium to change color. Titanium that has been heated to high temps, has a unique light refractory property that causes the titanium to appear in various colors to the human eye. 

aella titanium tire wheel valve stem caps

These AELLA titanium valve stems are available in raw titanium, or the heat treated "rainbow" version. These are sold individually and are perfect for motorcycles or even cars and trucks.

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