What is the Big Deal about Brembo RCS Corsa Corta Master Cylinders?

Dec 4, 2023

Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta

The Brembo RCS and RCS Corsa Corta are among the highest-quality braking components on the market, but what do you get with the higher-spec master cylinders? The pump isn't necessarily better with the higher price tag. The higher price tag is for a higher level of adjustability. But what does that mean? What do those dials do? Well, read on my friend, read on.

The pistons and floating gaskets are the same materials used in MotoGP. To more easily bleed the system, the bleed and supply couplings, which are also MotoGP-level equipment, are inclined by more than 30°.

Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta

The lever's shape is incredibly popular among enthusiasts and racers alike. On this lever is a dial that allows riders to adjust the “bite point” where they want it, which itself is an easily accessible selector on the master cylinder. The Selector includes a cam mechanism that allows the operator to select three different response settings:

The Normal setting, indicated on the master cylinder by the letter "N" offers a gradual ramp up to the bite point, making it suitable for city riding or braking in unfavorable conditions.

For the Sport setting, shown on the master cylinder with the letter "S," the initial bite comes on a bit more quickly than the "N" setting. This setting provides a quicker response, lending itself to sportier riding.

Lastly, in the Race setting shown on the master cylinder with the letter "R," the position of the cam mechanism further shortens the initial phase of the bite point for an instantaneous response from the braking system. This setting is ideal for use on a race track, where lap times are everything.

By simply switching from one setting to another, the rider can instantly and predictably adjust the performance and feel of the bike’s brakes.

The Brembo RCS CORSA CORTA RR also features the RCS (Ratio Click System) system introduced over 15 years ago on the Brembo 19RCS radial master cylinder. This system uses a cam (red at 18 mm, black at 20 mm), which adjusts the distance between the fulcrum point and the contact point and main cylinder push rod by 2 mm: this changes the distribution of the braking force without altering the performance of the system in terms of pure brake fluid pressure. This allows the rider to simply turn the adjusting screw on the front of the lever 180° with a screwdriver to adjust the cam position to either 18 or 20 mm to dial in the feel of the lever.

The adjustment system gives the rider a complete feel for their bike and adapts braking performance to suit their riding style, bike, weather, and road conditions. The adjustment available with the system puts the feel of three different master cylinders into one unit. The choice of two fulcrum-to-piston measurements (18 and 20 mm) and three bite point settings (R, S, and N) results in a total of six possible combinations.

Brembo 19RCS

Brembo 19RCS