What do you know about BST Carbon Fiber Wheels

Apr 12, 2022

The lightest and strongest wheels on the market!

Two decades ago, BST began working with cutting-edge aerospace carbon technology to develop the first production monocoque carbon wheel. They were ahead of the curve then. In the intervening years we have only extended that lead, establishing ourselves as pioneers in high-tech carbon fiber innovation.


  • The lightest and strongest wheel on the market
  • The company specializes in the same manufacturing processes used by Formula 1 and NASA
  • The only 100% carbon fibre wheel to conform with the strict JWL safety standards
  • The only OEM-certified Road and Race wheel
  • Optimized stiffness for road and track
  • The only completely hollow spoke carbon wheel
  • Over 50,000 wheels sold around the world
  • The only carbon wheel manufactured using heat and pressure to cure the wheel – autoclave single-cured inter-laminate joining



Combining highly specialized materials science and aeronautical engineering with high-tech process manufacturing and automation, BST has literally reinvented the wheel.


With our 100% composite carbon wheel BST has broken every preconceived limitation, every popular notion of what a wheel could be. In doing so, they’ve explored new horizons in performance while setting new standards in safety and endurance. Test after test and accreditation after accreditation has confirmed what those who use BST wheels already know – BST is unmatched.

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ford f150 raptor carbon fiber wheels