The BEST way to protect your BMW R nineT

Jun 4, 2019

The BMW R nineT (or R9T for some), is a very popular motorcycle option for riders that want a classic "cafe racer" style bike with modern features and performance. The BMW quality and styling make the R nineT a great platform for customization.

With any bike, the choice to offer protection, is a wise one. We all have that buddy that claims he "doesnt protect the bike because that is what insurance is for." The logic behind this statement is understandable, but is not applicable to most real life scenarios. Motorcycle sliders are designed to offer varying levels of protection. Sometimes the most valuable protection part is the one that will let you ride home after an incident. Radiator guards are a perfect example. A single rock to the radiator can leave you stranded!

When it comes to protection, Evotech Performance (from the UK) is one of the top manufacturers in the motorcycle industry. Offering several guards and sliders to help protect your BMW.

Evotech Performance uses state-of-the-art technology including 3D scanning and hi-tech machinery to design, produce and supply motorcycle accessories for all popular makes and models. The BMW R nineT is a bike of focus for Evotech protection accessories.

Fork Sliders

Protects: Front Wheel, Fork lowers

bmw r9t fork axle sliders evotech best

Axle Sliders

Protects: Rear Wheel, Swingarm

rear axle sliders bmw r9t evotech best

bmw r ninet axle sliders protection evotech

Oil Cooler Guard

Protects: Oil cooler

bmw r ninet oil cooler guard evotech

bmw r9t oil cooler radiator guard

Lower Engine Guard

Protects: Underside of engine

bmw r9t ninet skid plate engine guard slider evotech strives to be the best resource for motorcycle parts and accessories. Thank you for your support.