KTM 1290 Duke Decat

Feb 18, 2019

KTM 1290 Super Duke R - Decat Link Pipe by SC-Project

To decat or not to decat, that is the question!

What does decat mean on a motorcycle?

The word decat, D-for delete and C-for cat, basically means that you have deleted the catalytic converter. A motorcycle exhaust system has a catalytic converter fitted to it, to remove some of the emission gases created by gasoline burned in the engine. This "cat" does good things for emissions, but is robbing your engine of valuable power and performance. Replacing your stock link pipe with an aftermarket exhaust and a decat link pipe is sometimes referred to as a "half system" because you retain the stock front headers.

"SC-Project exhausts are hand made right along side the same exhausts you see on MotoGP bikes"

To decat an exhaust system, you will need to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with a straight through pipe. The main reason why people apply a decat is to increase air flow, which in turn, allows a motor to be tuned for greater performance. The end result is a much louder exhaust that is less restrictive.

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SC-Project is a race tested and race proven Italian exhaust manufacturer. SC-Project uses their MotoGP, Moto3, Moto2 and Superbike racing experience to push the limits and develop the highest level of exhaust performance.

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SC-Project exhausts are hand made right along side the same exhausts you see on MotoGP bikes and at race tracks around the world. SC-Project is committed to putting race quality performance, sound and weight reduction in the hands of all motorcycle enthusiasts.

This is a stainless steel decat link pipe designed to mate up to any of the 1290 Duke specific SC-Project slipon exhausts.

ktm 1290 super duke decat link pipe exhaust