Frame Sliders VS Case Savers

Jan 13, 2021

How do you protect your motorcycle?

Pretty vague question, but we get it all the time. "What are the best sliders for my bike?".  It is a fair question, given that motorcycles just keep getting more and more expensive. Protecting your asset becomes more and more important. Of course this topic has lots of debate because all crashes are different. Lighter bikes crash differently than heavier bikes. Speed and terrain are also a factor. Let's take a look as some of the current options for different riding scenarios.

Track Day Riders

This crowd is all about speed and lap times. So they are looking for lightweight options, that have EASY access to replacement parts. #crashinghappens


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Typically, the crash on a track starts on asphalt, but ends in grass run off areas. Because of this, we typically suggest a "case cover" type slider. Something that will bolt on top of the most important engine components, and offer protecting during a long slide. One of the only issues we see with the traditional slider puck style frame sliders, is that they can "grab" the dirt/grass during a slide, and cause the bike to lift up and even flip over. For this reason, a case cover or engine guard is most likely the best option.



Street Riders

Most often, the street rider crash we hear of, is more of a "drop". Parking lot drops, garage fall overs, and accidents during trailer loading, are all very common. When street speed limits are in play, most street crashes are easily protected using the standard "puck style" frame slider (similar to fork sliders and rear axle sliders). A slider puck is designed to do 1 thing.....SLIDE. If a slider puck can allow the bike to slide across the pavement, it will also help scrub off speed. The goal is not to protect the bike from ALL fairing damage or scratches, but it should allow you to pick the bike back up and ride home. As for garage drops, in 90% of our cases, the bike and rider walk away ONLY needing a new slider puck.

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Motovation started out as a frame slider company. We gained our popularity with our frame, fork, and axle slider kits. We quickly became experts in crashing! We hope this real life knowledge helps you decide how to properly protect your bike.