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Jan 30, 2019

Evotech Performance

Quality through engineering perfection...

evotech peformance radiator guard

Evotech Performance prides itself on the quality of its EP accessories. Ease of fit, precise tolerances, quality component parts, durability and style are key requirements to maintain EP’s reputation of leading manufacturer of world-class motorcycle accessories. But what goes into ensuring EP products are nothing short of perfection? Here are some tasters to give an idea of how Evotech Performance produces and delivers quality.

"Today’s motorcycles are more like works of art"

There are many processes involved in EP accessory production, from design through to packaging. The days of simply bending a piece of roughly sawn metal and then drilling mounting holes for indicators and a registration plate are long gone. Today’s motorcycles are more like works of art in the way their component parts are produced, finished and mounted to be ‘beautiful’ to look at and yet be functional and safe. Evotech Performance always strive to ensure its EP accessories have a ‘factory-like’ finish.

evotech performance dealer factory

Through the process of combining fabrication engineers and modern tech e.g. 3D scanning, CAD engineering software and the latest machining processes, EP parts are equal to if not better than standard components. And this usually starts with the materials used in the fabrication and machining process.

All aluminum alloys used to produce, say an EP Tail Tidy or Crash Protectors are sourced from reputable suppliers – usually local to the Lincolnshire-based Evotech Performance factory. What makes a reputable supplier? Is it the ability to carry and deliver stock within a short time? Well, yes, maybe. 

Motovation is the preferred dealer of Evotech products.