Customer Feedback

Here are some customer testimonials we have received over the years. We would love to hear your feedback, questions, and concerns. Please Contact Us with your feedback.


Honda CB900F / 919 Hornet Frame Mounted Sliders. These were tested in a lowside 35-40mph at Barber's Motorsport Park during a trackday. They saved my crankcase which would have shattered. Excellent investment. I rode the bike back to pit. I'm about to buy another set. August

Rizoma License Plate Bracket. Right out of the box... What else would you expect from Rizoma?... Professional product all the way. This license plate bracket has like 25 different configuration options! What more do you want?! Rizoma carbon fiber, billet, stainless hardware, and top quality electronics. Buy RIZOMA with confidence my fellow turn-burners! July

Yamaha FZ1. Hi guys,I am writing from Canada,I just saw your project fz1 and fell in love with it-GREAT JOB. July

Rizoma Levers. I have received all my order and everything looks great! The RIZOMA folding levers are excellent. July

Frame Sliders. Received my frame sliders yesterday and am looking forward to getting them on my bike. Thanks for the great service and customer experience. I will be sure to recommend Motovation to my fellow duc owners and friends. Thanks again! July

Suzuki B-King. I just wanted to let you know that I love all the parts I have purchased from Motovation in the past month! The Pazzo Racing Levers, Rizoma Sportline Grips, CRG Arrow Bar End Mirrors, and Motovation Bar End Weights/Mirror Mounts are rock solid, work great, and look great on my B-King. July

You guys are awesome! You and your company are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for going that extra mile to help a customer out. July

Great parts, fast shipping. Just a quick e-mail to say thank you. The parts are great, delivery fast and the efficient service on your part made my first order from your company a good experience. I am sure more purchases will follow. July

BMW S1000RR Barend Weights/Sliders. Vibration was so bad my hands would go numb after about 20mins. Installed these bar ends and now it is super smooth and nearly completely gone. Totally transformed the comfort on the bike! July

Yamaha FZ1 Fazer 1000 Race Frame Sliders 06+. Shipped quick. Installed quick. Quality throughout, looks great. June

Cox RSV4 radiator and oil cooler guard kit. This product is excellent and well worth the price. Definitely not a generic 'one size fits all' piece. The top of each grill is fastened with zip-ties (loops are built right in to the upper frame of the guards) and the bottom of each grill uses the stock mounting bolts. It provides a very secure, exact fit, that looks good too. Functionally, it will keep even fairly small rocks away from your radiator and oil cooler, and will probably catch the majority of bugs too. May

CRG Arrow Mirror. I love it! Light, Compact, stealthy, angular. Matches naked bike concept. Quality craftsmanship is superb. Visibility is excellent. Thank you Motovation for fast delivery. March

LeoVince SBK Factory EVOII for Yamaha R1. After unwrapping the cans and inspecting the carbon, I was floored. The weave is nicely done. It has a cool pattern to it that's kind of hard to describe. It's got a matte finish as opposed to a really glossy finish that you see on some carbon pieces. The titanium portion, the front cap, is nicely done. No blemishes at all. The finish is top notch. I removed the removable baffle before installing the cans because I read that it's much harder to do so once the pipe's been heated and cooled a few times. Installation couldn't have been easier. They bolt right up and required minimal adjusting. I got the pipes and cans lined up and then installed the springs. The directions say to put the springs on first, but that would make rotating and adjusting the cans much harder. I'm extremely please with the Leo Vince SBK Factory Evo II slip ons. I have a feeling that everything that Leo Vince puts out will be of the same high quality. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Leo Vince to anyone. Sept

CRG Roll-a-Click Levers. I decided to go with the shorties, since most of the time I only use 2 fingers for the clutch. As for when the brake lever was stock, I used 2 or 4, depending on the braking. With the shorties, i can still manage to get 3 if I really needed to pull in the brake hard. Lever adjustment is amazing. Two finger use is fine. March

Motovation Bar End Sliders. Some might question the logic behind heavier bar ends: “There I am, trying my best and spending big bucks to lighten my bike, here you are asking me to pay good money for a set of heavier bar ends?!” Heavier Bar ends also reduce the possibility of tank slaps. Now, I’ve been a rider who frequently does long rides up north, so I do understand the difference every ounce of extra comfort makes to my ride. The MOTOVATION bar ends were then fitted on the bars, and the difference was between day and night! Boy were most of the vibrations gone, It was also a major cosmetic difference as these bar ends looked way better than my OEMs. Tankslaps were reduced compared to the Rizomas. In addition, these bar ends feature crash sliders which are replaceable after a crash. These are made from the very same crash frame slider material which Motovation is famous for. I would highly recommend this product to regular tourers, sportbikes and for riders who ride hard. July

Motovation Lever Skinz. I was very pleased with the frame sliders I had purchased from Motovation Accessories, so I returned to the website, took another gander at the Skinz and decided, why not? Besides, at $4.99 per pair, how could I possibly go wrong? As with the frame sliders, the package arrived in just a couple of days. How is it I can order an item from one vendor and it arrives in only a few days whereas a package of similar weight takes 3 weeks from another? I’m pleasantly pleased with the performance of the Lever Skinz. They're simple to install and very inexpensive and I’ve had a pair of their blue Lever Skinz (which blends in well with the blue on my FJR) now for a month or so and have found them to be very comfortable. April

Motovation Frame Sliders for Ducati Hypermotard. Installation was straight forward. The fit and finish are excellent, hardware is as good as I've seen on a set, and well thought out design. All and all 4.5 stars, and hope to make sure I don't find out the protection level. Feb

Motovation Axle Sliders. They look very solid and well manufactured. I saw them on another bike and was interested in them, so I picked them up. Worth the investment, as it will save many valuable parts in a lowside incident. They send you a new front wheel axle bolt that has a hole in it to let the slider axle pass through it, pretty neat. Mar

Motovation Bar Ends. The ordering was easy, communication excellent and product arrived quickly. They are very well presented items and fit easy and look good. Definitely a improvement and every bit helps as otherwise your hands go numb on a long ride. April

Rizoma Lux Billet Grips. The vibration from my stock grips is gone, these grips are worth every penny. The black ones look very sexy on my Ducati. July

Rizoma Folding Levers. Installation was easy and didn't give me any issues. Great look and feel, very functional. Definitely can see and feel the quality with these levers. I would recommend them. Jan

Drop Forged Tubeless Valve Stems by Bridgeport. A great touch of bling to your wheels, and a tire pressure gauge fits on them alot easier than the stock ones. Dec

Rizoma Circuit 851 Mirrors. I bought these to replace BMW stock mirrors. These mirrors look great on the bike! They have a real aggressive look and get lots of compliments. Fitment was simple and fast. The vibration is very minimal with this mirrors. Oct,

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 '05-'07 MiVV GP Exhaust. I recently ordered an exhaust from you guys, actually about 3 days ago. Got it today. Very impressed as I wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon. Packing was great, everything there and undamaged. I looked everywhere else, by far and I mean far, you guys have the best price. Will buy again. thanks! Walbin in NC-May .

Rizoma FZ6 Rearsets. My first impressions of these things when I pulled them out of the box was Gorgeous, truely a piece of a engineering art. I was happy to see that the Rizoma's are FULLY adjustable. You can adjust the height of the pegs, and how far forward you want the pegs by removing the 2 allen screws in the center of the rearsets, and then aligning them back of with 2 of the 15 available adjustment holes. You can also adjust the angle bewteen the stationary peg and the peg on the rocker, by loosing the allen screw on top of the rocker, then sliding the rocker off and placing it back on at the angle you desire. The Rizoma's appear to put my feet exactly where I want to be, without taking my feet of the brakes and shifter. Jan

Suzuki SV650/1000/S DL650/1000 Race Frame Sliders. Unfortunately got a chance to test them on track bike - about a 40mph lowside and completely avoided any serious damage, the slider ground down about 1/2' but did not bend or break, etc. Excellent product. Mike in PA-May .

MV Agusta CRG Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers. The only set of levers to have on any MV Agusta F4. Excellent quality, excellent fit, excellent finish......& excellent service from motovation accessories! Raj in Australia-Apr

Suzuki GSXR600/750 Street Frame Sliders -07. Took a lowside last night at about 45 MPH. I stopped, bike kept going through the intersection. Frame and axle sliders kept just about everything off of the ground during the slide. Was able to pick it up and ride it home. Thanks Motovation!!! Brian in Atlanta-Apr .

Honda CB350 Four Replacement Exhaust 1972+. These are the only 4-into-4 after market silencers available for the CB350F. They are better than the originals in terms of durability, styling, and sound. If you have a CB350F, you know how tough it is to find good, original silencers... these are the best alternative and MOTOVATION is the only US distributor you need! Dave in Colorado-Mar

Yamaha R6 MiVV GP Style Exhaust 03-06. Hi, I recomend this exhaust for the R6, makes an excellent sound and increase the power. Motovation is the best shop on internet, the service is awsome, thanks for your help. Andres in Colombia-Mar .

Motovation Frame Sliders for Ducati Hypermotard. They kept the body damage to a minimum, and kept the engine cases off the ground completely. It was a hard slam, and I think there would have been much more cosmetic damage without them. Feb

MV Agusta F41000 Billet License Plate Relocator. This is the best License plate relocator money can buy. Very well made and it fits perfectly on the bike and the looks are amazing. This is my opinion. Hector in Bay Area CA- Feb

Ducati 1098 License Plate Relocator. Fantastic light compared with the stock item, like 1/10 of the weight. Good craftsmanship, easy to install. The manual refers to a slightly different product, maybe they changed production without changing the manual, but still a no-brainer to install. The tail looks much cleaner with this item. All needed parts included, even shrink-tubes to protect the electrical connections, and considering the price this must be the best option out there, recommended to everyone! Didrik in Norway. - Feb

Suzuki SV650/1000/S DL650/1000 Race Frame Sliders. Race Quality. I bought this for my SV650 that I use exclusivly for track days and performace riding events. Don't waste your money buying the sliders that use the small mounting bolts as I have seen them fail causing additional damage. These go straight through replacing the main engine mounting bolt. True race quality. Bret in Tacoma, WA-Jan

Yamaha FJR1300 Street NO CUT Frame Sliders 03-05. This is one of 3 sets of Motovation Sliders I have bought. They aren't the cheapest but they are by far the best quality I have ever used. The ones for the FJR were easy to install and fit perfect. I even tested them out once (not on purpose) and they worked great. Bret in Tacoma, WA-Jan

Yamaha R6 /7 Billet License Plate Relocator. This product looks great on my bike. I am not surprised it fits perfect and was a fast switch. Thanks again Motovation for great parts at great prices. Jim in MO-Jan

Motovation Universal Fit Barend Weights/Sliders. The barends arrived quickly, and are very high quality. They look great on the bike! I like the combination of replaceable polymer slider ends and heavy steel for vibration damping. Dave in Raleigh-Jan .

Kawasaki 04 ZX 636R FRame Sliders. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am to be a Motovation customer . Over the last 4 years , I have gone down on the twice an each time, I have beenvery happy with the protection provided by the frame sliders. I believe this is the best investment have made. I went down on the track monday, placed an order that night and had the part I needed today. With more than enough time to get back out there this weekend and give it another go. Thank you. Corey in NC. Mar

MV Agusta Barend Weights/Sliders. I've received my Bar ends and just wanted to let you know that these are absolutly great !! no more vibrations ! Patrick in New Caledonia- Jan

Yamaha R1 Frame Sliders. I have to say that after buying your frame and clutch sliders, I was very impressed. Your quality is very high. This is why I have decided to buy the rest of what you have to offer for my motorcycle. You web-site is also informative and fairly easy to navigate. I promote you through word of mouth all the time but wonder why you don't do more mainstream advertising. I hear about many other sliders out there that are sold on most web-stores, but when I did the research, your quality came out on top. John in KBRAPO, AE. Jan

Suzuki GSXR600/750 Race Frame Sliders -07. It happened. I used your frame sliders on my 06 GSX-R 750. I didn't want to use them but the truck that hit me convinced me otherwise. The bolt bent under the force of being slammed down but preserved my engine and frame from being destroyed. Anyway, thank you for making a great product. Every time someone asks me about my bike I tell them the frame sliders saved it from total loss. My replacement order is on its way! Derek in Littleton-Jan

Yamaha FZ6 Fazer Frame Sliders 04-08. Great Frame Sliders. After years of incident free riding and 14k miles this year on the FZ I had my first at speed spill on a patch of gravel left over from road construction. Luckily, my leathers saved me from road rash and the sliders kept the lowside to only cosmetic damage. If I were without them the bike would have assuredly taken a much harder hit to the frame and case, and I never would have been able to ride her away. Didn't even break a turn signal. Fantastic product. D in Santa Cruz - Dec

Suzuki GSXR1000 Race Frame Sliders K5/K6 -06. Ordered these sliders Nov 15 and received them 4 days later. They are top quality sliders and very easy to install. They are a little more money than other sliders but well worth every dollar. If you're thinking about buying them, do it. You wont be disappointed. My next purchase will be the bar ends. Tino in Vallejo-Nov .

Suzuki Bar End Weights / Sliders - GSXR1000 2000+. I was so impressed with how this item worked on my Yamaha R6 that when I recently sold it to a friend I vowed to get another pair on my next bike. I just purchased a new GSXR 1000 and these bar ends/sliders is one of the first upgrades I'm making to the bike. These are a great investment! A great bang for the buck as they realllllly do work! Take it from a rider who's going on his 2nd pair! Jacob in Hawaii- Nov

Suzuki GSXR600/750 Race Frame Sliders -07 Track Tested! Just got back yesterday, low sided turn 3 at Thunderhill, sliders SAVED! my bike. Not even a scratch on the engine cover!!!! Drew in Bay Area, CA- Nov .

Suzuki GSXR600/750 Race Frame Sliders -07. Well it finally happened, another one bit the dust. No slide was involved but the entire weight came crashing down on the right frame slider. It scraped it up a bit. There was only five light burrs in the paint. I think the combination I was running really saved my plastic today. I had shorty PAZZO levers, Motovation 265gram bar end weights and the race frame sliders. I expected the worst but when I gave the bike a look over, all I could see was the five burrs on the gsxr sticker on the right fairing. Thanks again motovation. Great products. six8fbird in East Bay CA-Nov .

Suzuki SV650/1000/S DL650/1000 Race Frame Sliders. Easy to install, excellent fit, the photo is an accurate representation of how they look. Glad to have them...Tim in Stockton- Oct

MV Agusta Brutale Billet License Plate Relocator. This relocator is very easy to install and looks better than most I have seen. Add the led plate light and it really makes the Brutale look the way it should. Less than an hour installation and definitely worth the price. Heath in San Diego-Oct

Motovation Universal Fit Barend Weights/Sliders. Just the thing I was looking for! These are really well made and the fit is absolutely perfect. Material and machining is top notch. Complements my Duc well. A bit pricey but well worth it. These are quality barends! Planning on adding barend mirrors soon. :) Jon in TX-Sept .

Suzuki Bar End Weights / Sliders - GSXR1000 2000+. All I have to say is I am 100% satisfied. Looks great and they really make my bike ride alot more comfortable A+++++. I also bought the complete set of sliders and I'm very happy with them as well. Tuan in CA. Sept

MV Agusta Barend Weights/Sliders for CRG LS. High quality products excellent fit and finish. Well worth the purchase price. I now have usable mirrors on my Brutale!!!!!!!!! Gary in Philly Aug

MV Agusta Brutale 750/910 License Plate Relocator. Excellent product. My Brutale looks 100% better with it, and the apparent quality is unreproachable. Gary in Philly Aug

Yamaha FZ1 / FZ6 Fazer Fork Sliders -07. These sliders look great, the installation takes minutes, the customer service is excellent, and shipping is fast! Robert in CA- August

Suzuki GSXR600/750 Street Frame Sliders -07. I went down once at 90mph, then again a high side at 35mph both on left side. Saved my bike and took all the impact!! Great product!!!! Shawn in Portland OR- Aug .

MV Agusta Brutale Frame Sliders. I had a shop install these on my '07 910R. They look great, fit tight and don't take away from the lines of the bike. I hope to NEVER find out how well they work. KS in Tomales, CA. - August

Kawasaki Ninja 6R Frame Sliders. Thanks for looking out for me on this one, I don't need the bolts since they are included with the replacement sliders. By the way, your sliders may have saved my bike from being a total loss from a track day accident. The bike flipped several times at high speed and most received cosmetic damage. The frame was saved and all crucial high cost components remained intact. Cecil in CA-Dec .

Yamaha FJR1300 Frame Sliders. You guys have a fantastic product. I low sided my FJR in the mountains of N Georgia. Hit a patch of oil at 45 mph. Thanks to your product, I was able to ride home with very minor damage. Thanks!  Tom in Georgia. Oct .

Suzuki GSXR600 No Cut Frame Sliders. Thanks!They saved my 600 this weekend, low sides at about 85, only slight cosmetic damage, the vortex on my 750 broke off at 35, garbage. If you ever need a testimonial, I am your guy! Adam in FL. Sept

Suzuki GSXR1000 K7 Frame Sliders. Guys, thanks for the prompt attention. I received the sliders in around 7 days. They look strong and have good fit and finish. Paperwork was 'spot on' to get a good customs clearance. Thanks again. Clive

Ducati Multistrada Arrow Full Sytem Exhaust. Just received my pipes and wanted to write to thank you for your assistance and outstanding service. Can't believe the efficiency of order processing, shipment, communication and value for money! If you are the Boss there, you are running a great organization. If you are not the Boss, please send this to him and let him know that because of your efforts you now have a customer that will return to again. Good Job Mate! Paul in Missouri. August

Honda Superhawk Barends.
Hi i just wanted to let you know i recently purchased and received your bar end weights for my honda superhawk and absolutely love them...they look great but more importantly they dramatically reduced the numbing " buzz" i used to get through the bars at certain throttle hand no longer goes numb while highway thanks for providing a product that lives up to its claims. Peter in Canada August

MV Agusta F4-1000 Exhaust Mid-Pipe by Arrow. Great item. Installed in 30 minutes. Sounds and runs very well. Thanx guys. Ruben-NC. August

Kawasaki Bar End Weights / Sliders. I ride a Zx6R, 636cc Kawa, and these bar end weights really work! They look trick and are of excellent quality. The OEM stuff looks cheap compared to these. No more numb hands and fingers! Highly recommended. Excellent products Motovation. Thanks, Chris-Canada August

MV Agusta Brutale Stator Slider Kit. Had to go on a long ride over the weekend to meet some MV Agusta buddies. Fast turns & twists is what we were out for but I really wanted to preserve my Brutale from any potential damage. This Motovation Stator Slider Kit is the perfect scratch prevention tool out there. Installing it takes about 5-10mn. Just make sure you use the correct torque values when fixing the new protector and everything will be just fine. Combined with the Motovation crash protectors, my Brute gets 100% full protection for any potential slide whether on road harsh runs or on track! It's one of the best investments i've made for my bike :-) Jay - France July .

Yamaha FJR1300 Frame Sliders. Very pleasantly surprised as to the quality and how simple they were to install. Literally in less than 5 minutes they were on the bike. They stick out more than the Yammie accessory seeming to offer good protection. Overall I am very pleased with the product. M Aron, TN July .

Ducati Hypermotard 1100S. I recently made a purchase from you guys and would like to say thank you. Ordering online was trouble free and efficient. Delivery was quick and the packaging was great. It was a pleasure doing business with you, I'm sure I'll be buying some more stuff from you soon. Alan in Chicago. July

Honda CBR1000RR Street Frame Sliders. Put them on my '07 1000rr and crashed that very day. The bike fell to one side and was undamaged then the lady that cut me off tried to help me pick it up and it fell the other way. All the plastics were fine. The pucks and the swing arm spools are scratched up bad but thats it! Mark in CT

Suzuki GSXR 600/750 Race Frame Sliders. Great frame sliders. Saved my bike over a horrible track weekend.   Low sided the bike on the left side on Saturday, slider took all the damage. A few scratches on the engine cover, but did not go through. Sunday, got nailed from behind by another rider, bike fell on the right side. Slider kept frame and engine covers from damage. Since it was an awkward angle, rear body work was toast, but am confident in a low side the sliders would have take all the damage. Afraid to use any other frame slider now. Nabil in WA.

Suzuki GSXR 600 Street Frame Sliders. SUPER FAST SHIPPING, Im glad I bought these for my new K7 600. These sliders are extremely simple to install. The only thing is that the bolts that you need to remove from the bike are very tightly screwed in. So get the strongest friend you know to unscrew it lolz. Tony in CA.

MV Agusta Brutale Arrow Exhaust. High quality. Easy 30 minute install. A crowd pleaser even when the engine is off. A Brute when the engine is on. 400 miles on 910R when installed. I don't know why I waited so long? Thanks to Kyle at Motovation for professional service. Marvin in OK.

MV Agusta Brutale Arrow Exhaust. Very nice craftsmanship, very easy to install for even the amateur do-it-yourselfer. Sounds great. Looks great. Drops LOTS of weight. I put mine on a brand new bike so i can't comment on the power as the bike only had a few miles on it. Jesse in FL.

Suzuki SV650 Frame Sliders. I read alot about these frame sliders from various websites and opted for these for my '05 SV650. It was cake to install and looks pretty good. Let's hope I'll never have to actually test them but, should I ever have to I'm confident I made the right choice here. ATYR in MD.

Honda CBR1000RR Street Frame Sliders. Okay... never had to use them, but after over 200 thousand miles of riding, I finally hit the pavement. I high sided at about 40 mph. the bike got slammed to the left side. The frame slider took the entire hit, so hard it actually bent the slider bracket slightly. Lots of plastic damage, but no engine or frame damage and nothing bent, not even the bars. The bike actually flipped over and ended up on it's right side. But there was not a scratch, other than the frame slider. I'll be ordering a new set soon! Matt in Palmdale.

Suzuki GSXR1000 K7. I just wanted to let you know how unbelievably impressed I am with the fit, finish, and functionality of your bar ends. I was very skeptical about their ability to reduce vibration in the grips on my 07 GSXR 1000, but I am now completely sold! These things are amazing. I will recommend them to every rider I know. Thanks for a product that works great and looks good doing it. Max in TX.

Yamaha FZ6. Thanks for saving my Yamaha FZ6 from a nasty drop. Jim in WA.

Suzuki GSXR600/750 K6. Thank you for the prompt deliveries and info. The Motovation product are wonderful and easy to install. Ron in NV.

Suzuki GSXR750 '04. Your product and service f**king rocks. I will always use this product. Matt in NC.

Kawasaki Z1000. I just got home from the bike shop where I waited 4 and a half hours to have some new tires mounted. Jeez! As you can probably imagine, it's been a long and very frustrating day. I had to sit there the whole time. When I got home, I was surprised to see a FedEx box on my doorstep. I thought the bar ends were going to be here tomorrow, but it was a pleasant surprise! I gave them a once over after opening the box, but I haven't pulled them out of the plastic. These appear to be in perfect shape. The box looked like some of the guys loading the truck at FedEx might have played kickball with, but the bar ends look great. I'm very pleased. I appreciate you doing everything you've done to make things right for me, Kyle. I've left excellent feedback for you on two of the Kawasaki forums that I'm a regular on. You've been great! Two thumbs up for Motovation. Adam in Virginia.

Suzuki GSXR 600 K6. The sliders (fork / axel / frame) went on smooth, look great and make me feel better about the potential 'Oops' factor. I am recommending your sliders to the guys I know that ride. I'll probably be ordering a set for my brother in law's GSXR600 K6, he will be stoked. Again, I appreciate your insight, fast shipping, great customer service and excellent products. I have not seen a better set of sliders on the market. Chris in Houston.

Suzuki GSXR600K4. Just a quick note to say thanks!!!
Not fitted yet but the sliders all look great, product arrived in Taiwan from Tx 5 days after hitting the order button, and the low value "commercial sample" invoice on the outside was a very nice touch! All in all, excellent service. Charlie in Taipeh.

Ducati Multistrada. Just a note to say the Ducati Fork & rear swing arm sliders are GREAT! They were super easy install (good thing since I need to remove the rear for my track stand) and I’m totally pleased.  Scott in CA

Suzuki GSXR600. I live in Austin and bought some frame sliders for my K7 600 online. Kyle called me the next day and offered to have me pick it up and save me $8. I was pleasantly suprised that he cared enough to make the call. I told him that I would pick it up. Due to work, I was unable to pick it up and called him back. He said no problem and you should get it tomorrow. I've heard great things about your products. Keep up the great customer service. That is how you keep your customers and find new ones. A little consideration goes a long way. I'll definately recommend you to my buddies. Hoa in Texas

Suzuki SV1000S. Hi, I own a pair of frame sliders for my Suz SV1000S, which took a fall, and I have to say they did an excellent job of protecting everything. Minimal damage was done and I was very impressed with the way your product kept the bike off the pavement. No frame or radiator damages what so ever. Jeff in MO

Suzuki GSXR1000 K6. I just wanted to say thanks for getting the frame and swing arm sliders out to me so promptly.... perfect fit. They look like a very high quality product and I hope I NEVER have to see how well they work :-) James in PA.

Suzuki GSXR600 . Your product is great - had a very minor spill about 15 MPH. The slider took most damage - without that it would have cost me apprx $3000 to fix. Now can get away with $500 and an after market exhaust. Adam in MN.

Suzuki GSXR600 . Thanks for the great service! I ordered a pair of no-cut sliders for my '06 GSXR600 the other day. You guys processed and shipped the order immediately, and I got the sliders within a week. Hopefully I won't need them, but they look well-made, fit perfectly, and were well packaged. Thanks again. Nice job! Charlie in VA.

Yamaha FJR1300. Dear Sir, I have a pair of your frame sliders on my FJR and I have  gone down on the right side and scrapped up the end on the slider and was wondering if it is possible to purchase only the right side slider. By the way my fairing was totally saved by that frame slidder,not one scratch on it. Thanks for a great product. Don in Texas.

Honda 998 Superhawk. Sirs, I just got off leave and I wanted to say thank you for the frame sliders!!! They worked great and look good too!!! You can now say they fit on 98 and up models cause they fit perfect on my 98 Superhawk. Thanks again for you parts and help. Szabo in NY

Suzuki GSXR600 .
I just wanted to send an email telling you guys your 07 GSXR 750 no cut sliders are awesome I actually had to return a different brand of sliders that just wouldnt allow my fairing to snap back on, I spoke with Kyle on the phone and the customer sevice he provided me was outstanding. I purchased yours that day and got them in a couple of days and they went on easy and look great. Thank you for a great product and experience...keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business whith you guys again. Brandon in California

MV Agusta Brutale 910. Wow! Very happy Doing business with Motovation. Service is Perfect 10. It took me 20 minutes to install for all Sliders (fork,axle & frame) on my Mv Agusta Brutale-S. The sliders quality are top-notched. The bike looks killer! Thanks! Ramon V in Rosemeade, CA.

Yamaha R1 . I received my frame and clutch sliders yesterday afternoon. They look and feel to be of real good material and i know that i made a good purchase. The handle bar weights really work. I like to go for long rides (400 to 600 miles round trips) and i really felt the diference on my hands. I sure will recommend your website to my friends, Here in Laredo, Tx. bike numbers are going up a lot and i think everyone needs protection like the ones your website offers. Thank you. Saul G. in Laredo, TX.

Kawasaki Z1000 Frame Sliders.
I recently had a get off at a track going over 100mph out of T1. the Z1000 frame sliders saved all the critical areas of the motor. I am very pleased since the bike faired better than i thanks to your great product...
the left slider and engine slider took all the brunt of the accident. Only wish there where sliders for the exhaust...
as for me... I am on the long road to recovery with a badly damaged right wrist... you have a bruised and battered returning customer for sure. Raul T in Spring Hill, FL

Suzuki GSXR600 Street Kit. I recently purchased your '06 Suzuki frame sliders for my '07 GSXR600; everything was a perfect fit. However, it seems my purchase was in the nick of time. I recently had a elderly woman cut me off and make a left hand turn from the right hand lane; needless to say since I'm writing you, this was not good for me or my bike. However you frame sliders worked exceptionally well; minimal damage was done to the Bike mostly just cosmetics. Unfortunately my right side frame slider did its job and took the entire brunt of the lay over; this slider exceeded my expectations and I would like to replace it immediately before riding again. I won't ride without your sliders inplace again.
Great job guys!! Rob D in Phoenix, AZ.

Suzuki GSXR600 Street Kit. Thanks for a great product. Every part that I ordered look great and are beautifully crafted. The parts were very easy to install and fit perfectly. Your updates on my order status was very helpful and delivery was very prompt. More companies should have quality service like yours. I had previously ordered sliders through my dealership but ended up waiting 2 months and still not getting them. The guys on told me about your products and after some research of my own I placed an order and I'm glad I did.
Great job guys!! Treyton S in Medford, OR.

Honda CBR1000RR Street Kit. I installed the slider's and the fit And finish is EXCELLENT installation was simple. I am a machinist and work at a shop that overhaul's helicopter turbine engines and have a good eye for quality parts. Great job GUYS! Keep up the quality work. Chris J in BC Canada.

Hornet 599. Re-purchasing your product as it did an AWESOME job protecting my Hornet during a 40mph slide downhill. Totally saved engine and fuel tank!!! Bruce in Mission Viejo, CA.

Ducati 916. Just following up: they arrived today and fitted up just fine—I’d endorse the fit of the RFSD01 on the 916. I’m especially impressed with the fit on the front axle, the way you machined a groove for the axle nut. The R & G sliders I had mounted there before just had some nicely machined spacers to hold the sliders farther from the ends of the axle. The RhinoMoto sliders I’ve looked at also have a groove, on both front sliders though it seems only necessary on the left. I could never get hold of the Sato Racing sliders—no response from Dan Kyle, and I’ve exchanged messages with Cycle Cat about making them but nothing came of that. Yours are the heaviest by an ounce, but worth the weight. Based on my survey, you’re right to claim they’re the “world’s finest fork sliders”.
Thanks for making a great product, and for the quick e- and postal-mail response times, too. G. McDaniel, CA.

Ducati. I'm really impressed with your company. Just today (Wed. 5/24, that is), I received my Ducai through-frame sliders and bitchen' t-shirt. Great graphics! (Am wearing it right now!) and the frame sliders looked awesome and fit quite easily. Yes they DO work at home like they do on TV! Hah-hah-hah! Thanks, again, and I'll look forward to working with you again in the none-too-distant future. Sign me: "A very satisfied new customer", Tim Marsh in "The O.C."

Yamaha R6 . Steel Bar Ends/Sliders really do reduce vibration. Clutch, frame and swingarm sliders were easy to install and look great. Black sliders against my black frame made them inconspicuous and blended well w/my silver and black color scheme. Materials used in the slider are of very high quality that can be seen and felt. Other sliders I've seen look like thick pieces of plastic that seem to be shorter than that of the Motovation sliders and look more cosmetic than functional. DARE TO COMPARE!
Jacob in Hawaii.

Yamaha R6 . Wow!!! what a great product, it will make your R6 more comfortable. Definitely recommend these bar ends!!!!!
Ed in NJ.

Suzuki GSXR 600/750 . Thanks to your sliders my bike was saved from being mangled! I ordered them on a Friday and had them on Monday, and dropped my bike one week from the Friday I ordered them! Luckily I only messed up the bar end and the engine casing. If I didn't have the frame slider I would have lost the whole left faring.
Robert in Dover, DE.

Honda CBR600RR. Installed a set of the MV barends, frame and swing arm sliders the other day and forgot about them.  Went for a ride one morning and was wondering why my bike was running so smooth that day.  Thought it was just one of those days when she was just feeling in a good mood.:)  Well it was like that all day and it felt good.  I couldn't explain it since I had done nothing to the engine to make it so much smoother, then I realized that it must have been the new MV barends!  Sure enough when I took them off, the bike felt different again. I felt more of the vibration from the engine.  Hmm..darn thing works! Makes those long rides much more enjoyable.  Keep up the great work! Paul in DFW,Tx.

Kawasaki Barends. It's hard to believe, but yes these really do work!! I first went for a simple 15 min ride on the highway with stock bar ends just to get a feeling of how fatigued my throttle hand was (this is the one that bothered me the most ). After my hand started to tingle I headed home to replace the bar ends. After replacing I rode the same route and felt no fatigue what so ever, so I decided to continue and after 1 hr of riding, I was amazed that I didn't feel any discomfort what so ever, I did feel a little tingle, but not enough to realize it if I was not focusing on my hand to see if I felt anything. This is a must buy for anyone who owns a Kawasaki.
Wesley in Puerto Rico

Aprilia Falco. I own a 2000.5 SL mille Falco and had a little get off that scratched up my right side OEM bar end. As soon as AF1 listed the Motovation stainless steel bar end sliders, I put it on my list of things to buy. ....These are real beauties and very heavy. They fit perfectly and come with new stainless screws. I am very pleased with both the look and quality of these machined stainless sliders.
Phil in Oklahoma City

Suzuki GSXR750. ..I have had a lot of people make comments about the sliders and I have directed them to your website. I am 100% satisfied with the customer support and I have told everyone how well the situation was handled. Thanks again, it has been great dealing with a company that actually cares about the quality of their product. Richard in NJ

Yamaha YZF1000 R1. I will pass along a positive word about both your product, and outstanding customer service, which is unfortunately uncommon elsewhere. Roger via email

Kawasaki Z1000. Thank you for a great and well engineered product. The install was actually easier than you folks said, the fit was perfect. I hope that I totally wasted my money by buying your sliders, but if they have to come into play...I have know doubt that they will work just as you say!! D. Bertellotti, Benicia, Ca.

Yamaha R1. Wow, That has to be the fastest turn around on anything I have ever ordered. I just received my sliders, and they look great. I will make sure I recommend you in the future to anyone needing sliders. R. Beach, Menasha, WI

Honda CBR1000RR. Dropped my CBR this weekend going about a 1/4 mile an hour. Sharp right hand turn into a friends drive way and over she went!! I am so freakin happy I installed the sliders. They paid for themselves and then some. Could have been very costly. .... Damn fast, you guys must have a pipeline right to my mail box.
Thanks again, Tom, Hillsboro, OR.

Ducati 749. I do want you to know that I think Motovation (you guys are on top of things) and you guys at this company are very professional! You have my business in the future. and word of mouth! thank-you so much! Shawn, OR