SC-Project Official Distributor for USA, Canada, and Mexico

Oct 13, 2021 is your exclusive distributor for SC-Project exhausts in Canada, USA, and Mexico!

official distributor SC-Project USA Canada Mexico


Since the beginning, (also known as SC-Project USA) has the been the official SC-Project distributor for the USA territory. Our passion and dedication to support our Italian family members at SC-Project, has allowed us to grow and achieve great success. We are now offering our knowledge and infrastructure to the Canadian and Mexican riders. You can trust that ANY SC-Project exhaust that supplies a customer anywhere in North America, has landed here first!


The SC-Project exhaust brand is currently the fastest growing exhaust brand in the world. By dominating in MotoGP, Moto2, WSBK, WSSP, and now Motoamerica....SC-Project has easily proven to be the top choice for riders seeking the ultimate performance.


Our commitment to perfecting the experience of SC-Project exhaust ownership is limitless. We stand behind the product, because we know the product inside and out. We use SC-Project exhausts on every single project bike and race bike that we build. Our experience makes us the #1 resource for riders and customers that are seeking information to find out which exhaust is best for their motorcycle. You can count on the staff at Motovation to help get you the perfect exhaust.



Whether you are a customer, a dealership, a race team, or a custom motorcycle is here to help you.