Yamaha R6 Frame Sliders by Motovation

Jun 22, 2016

Yamaha R6 Frame Slider Installation Instructions

Congratulations! You have just purchased the world’s best frame sliders for the Yamaha R6. These sliders have been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your Yamaha R6 in the unfortunate event of a lowside or tip over. Each and every model is tested for drop and slide protection. They are tough but not brittle and can also absorb a huge impact. Sport riders around the world who have tested various models of our products on the track have all given their thumbs up after experiencing first hand, the benefits of Motovation Frame Sliders.

Please read all instructions before beginning work! These frame sliders are designed to fit specifically your Yamaha R6. This kit has separate left and right pieces (left and right while sitting on the bike). It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation.


Motovation R6 FSY17S Frame Slider Installation Instructions


(1) Black anodized bracket (for left side)
(1) M10 1.25 pitch stainless steel bolt(bracket to engine)
(1) M10 1.5 Pitch heat treated socket head bolt (slider to bracket)
(1) Heat treated socket head bolt - Longer M10 (right side slider)
(2) M10 Stainless Steel Washers
(2) Anodized Aluminum bushings (pressed into plastic)
(2) Frame Sliders

Install Instructions:

Left Side (while sitting on bike)
Before beginning make sure your left side fairing is removed.

1. Remove the left-side engine mount bolt (forward mount).
2. Install the bracket using the Shorter 1.25 pitch M10 bolt supplied in this kit.
3. Tighten the bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
4. Install the left slider (the one with the flat face using the M10x50mm SS bolt and washer supplied in this kit.
5. Tighten the slider bolt to the approximately 34 ft/lbs - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
6. Reinstall your fairings.

Right Side (while sitting on bike)

1. Remove the right-side engine mount bolt (forward mount).
2. Install the shorter slider with the longer M10 bolt and supplied washer.
3. Tighten the engine mount bolt to the factory specifications - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

A bit of Loctite on the bolt threads is recommended.

Please double check your install and feel free to CONTACT US with any questions. Motovation is not responsible for any damage during installation and recommends professional installation for all parts and accessories.


Motorcycles can be dangerous. Motovation has no control over the usage of any part and expects their customers to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any part. Motovation assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of the misuse or improper installation or application of any part in any way by any person. MotovationUSA shall not be liable for