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Pazzo Racing Products

Why Pazzo Racing?
Pazzo offers the most model fitments, as well as the largest number of colour choices available to help you customize your ride! Pazzo racing is made up of a team of extremely dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts with attention to detail, from the R&D process thru to the customer support and after sales service. Almost all materials used in the manufacture of Pazzo levers are domestic (North America, USA or Canada). Starting from the 6061-T6 aluminium, the custom made components, the anodizing, the cartons all are Made in USA or Made in Canada. Excluded are the Metric fasteners, they are from Germany. The CNC machines Pazzo uses to manufacture the levers are all Made in USA. They strongly believe in supporting their domestic markets and proudly declare the levers are Canadian/USA made.

How Pazzo started
Combine 25 years of machining experience with two avid motorcyclists and you get a product that is designed to enhance the riding experience while looking good. In business for only 3 years, Pazzo Racing has become one of the world leaders for aftermarket levers. Offering the most models and the largest variety of colours, Pazzo Racing has become the product of choice among racers and street riders alike!

Where is Pazzo Racing located?
Pazzo Racing is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. About 30 mins from Vancouver, they are lucky enough to have some of the most scenic riding you could ask for. On the coast of the Pacific ocean and surrounded by mountains the guys at Pazzo Racing couldn't ask for a better place to live and work.Pazzo racing levers clutch break long shorty levers for honda yamaha suzuki kawasaki ktm triumph aprilia ducati mv agusta bmw

FAQs about Pazzo Levers

I don't know if I should get Long levers or Shorty levers, which is better?

Tough question to answer, as the main factor is personal preference. The long levers are generally 1/2" shorter then your OEM levers, and the shortys are 1 1/4" shorter then the longs. Ask yourself a couple of questions, how do you brake and clutch? Do you use your whole hand or just a couple fingers? Shortys are perfect for two finger braking! Is you clutch lever stiff, or a nice light pull? If it is stiff you might want to consider long levers. Hand size isn't really a factor, as both the short and long levers will have the same better then OEM adjustability.

Where are the levers made?
Pazzo Racing is a Canadian owned and operated company, they manufacture everything in house.

My bike isn't listed, do you make levers for my bike?

That normally means one of two things, Pazzo does not offer levers for your bike, or have not been able to confirm fitment with levers they already produce. Please feel free to e-mail us with any model questions or requests to confirm fitment.

Are spare parts offered instead of having to buy a whole new Pazzo lever?
Yes you can, spare parts are available from your local Distributor. Please contact Motovation Accessories at for pricing and availability.

Pazzo Racing Levers Application Chart:

Click Here to view the Pazzo Racing Levers product page

Aprilia (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
RSV4/RSV4 FACTORY 2009-2010 (F-11/V-4)
RSV MILLE / R 2004-2008 (F-11/H-11)
RSV MILLE / R 1999-2003 (DB-80/DC-80)
TUONO / R 2003-2009 (DB-80/DC-80)
FALCO / SL1000 2000-2004 (DB-80/DC-80)
CAPONORD / ETV1000 2002-2007 (F-16/DC-80)
RST1000 FUTURA 2001-2004 (F-16/DC-80)
SHIVER / GT 2007-2010 (F-23/C-23)
DORSODURO 2008-2010 (F-23/C-23)
MANA 2007-2010 (F-23) BRAKE ONLY
BMW (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
S1000RR 2010 (F-22/B-22)
K1300 S/R/GT 2009-2010 (B-1/B-2)
K1200R 2005-2008 (B-1/B-2)
K1200R SPORT 2006-2008 (B-1/B-2)
K1200S 2004-2008 (B-1/B-2)
R1200R 2006-2010 (B-1/B-2)
R1200S 2006-2008 (B-1/B-2)
R1200ST 2005-2008 (B-1/B-2)
R1200GS 2004-2010 (B-1/B-2)
R1200GS ADVENTURE 2006-2010 (B-1/B-2)
F800S 2006-2010 (B-1/B-8)
F800ST 2006-2010 (B-1/B-8)
F800GS 2008-2010 (B-1/B-8)
F650GS 2008-2010 (B-1/B-8)
F800R 2009-2010 (B-1/B-8)
Buell (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
1125R 2008-2009 (F-14/C-777)
1125CR 2009 (F-14/C-777)
XB12R 2009 (F-14/B-55)
XB12Ss 2009 (F-14/B-55)
XB12Scg 2009 (F-14/B-55)
Ulysses XB12XT 2009 (F-21/B-55)
Ulysses XB12X 2009 (F-21/B-55)
XB12 all models up to 08 only 2004-2008 (F-21/B-55)
XB9 all models 2003-2009 (F-21/B-55)
X1 Lightning 1998-2002 (F-14/B-55)
S1 Lightning 1997-1998 (F-14/B-55)
M2 Cyclone 1997-2002 (F-14/B-55)
Ducati (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
1198/S/R 2009-2010 (F-11/H-11)
1098/S/Tricolor 2007-2008 (F-11/H-11)
848 2007-2010 (F-11/H-11)
MULTISTRADA 1200/S 2010-2011 (F-11/H-11)
STREETFIGHTER 2009-2010 (F-11/H-11)
HYPERMOTARD 1100/S/EVO SP 2007-2010 (D-01/H-11)
HYPERMOTARD 796 2010 (DB-12/D-22)
M1100/S MONSTER 2009-2010 (F-11/H-11)
999/S/R 2003-2006 (F-11/H-11)
749/S/R 2003-2006 (F-11/H-11)
S4RS 2006-2008 (F-11/H-11)
MS4/MS4R 2001-2006 (DB-80/DC-80)
M900/M1000 2000-2005 (DB-80/DC-80)
900SS/1000SS 1998-2006 (DB-80/DC-80)
996/998/B/S/R 1999-2003 (DB-80/DC-80)
748/750SS 1999-2002 (DB-80/DC-80)
MTS1000SDS/DS 2004-2006 (DB-80/DC-80)
MTS1100/S 2007-2009 (DB-80/DC-80)
ST4/S/ABS 2004-2006 (DB-80/DC-80)
ST3/S/ABS 2003-2007 (DB-80/DC-80)
SPORT 1000 2006-2009 (DB-80/DC-80)
GT 1000 2006-2010 (DB-80/DC-80)
PAUL SMART LE 2006 (DB-80/DC-80)
S2R 1000 2006-2008 (DB-80/DC-80)
400 MONSTER 2004-2007 (DB-12/D-22)
620 MONSTER / 620 MTS 2003-2006 (DB-12/D-22)
695 MONSTER 2007-2008 (DB-12/D-22)
696 MONSTER 2009-2010 (DB-12/D-22)
MONSTER S2R 800 2005-2007 (DB-12/D-22)
748 UP TO 1998 (DB-12/DC-12)
916/916SPS UP TO 1998 (DB-12/DC-12)
900SS 1991-1997 (DB-12/DC-12)
MONSTER M400 1999-2003 (DB-12/DC-12)
MONSTER M600 1994-2001 (DB-12/DC-12)
MONSTER M620 2002 (DB-12/DC-12)
MONSTER M750/M750IE 1994-2002 (DB-12/DC-12)
MONSTER M900 1994-1999 (DB-12/DC-12)
ST2 1998-2003 (DB-12/DC-12)
ST4/S/ABS 1999-2003 (DB-12/DC-12)
Honda (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
CB599 / CB600 HORNET 1998-2006 (F-18/H-626)
CBR 600 F2,F3,F4,F4i 1991-2007 (F-18/H-626)
CBR600RR 2003-2006 (F-29/Y-688H)
CBR600RR 2007-2010 (F-33/Y-688H)
CB919 2002-2007 (F-18/H-626)
CB1000R 2008-2009 (F-33/H-33)
CBR900RR 1993-1999 (F-18/H-626)
CBR929RR 2000-2001 (F-29/H-626)
CBR954RR 2002-2003 (F-29/Y-688H)
CBR1000RR / FIREBLADE 2004-2007 (F-33/H-33)
CBR1000RR / FIREBLADE 2008-2010 (F-33/Y-688H)
RC51 / RVT1000 SP-1/SP-2 2000-2006 (F-29/H-33)
VF750S SABRE 1982-1986 (F-18/V-00)
VFR750 1991-1997 (F-18/V-00)
VFR800 1998-2001 (F-XX/V-00)
VFR800 2002-2009 (F-18/V-00)
VTR1000F / FIRESTORM 1998-2005 (F-18/V-00)
CBF1000 2006-2009 (F-18/V-00)
CBR1100XX / BLACKBIRD 1997-2007 (F-XX/V-00)
ST1300/ST1300A 2003-2007 (F-XX/V-00)
VTX1300 2003-2008 (F-18/H-626)
X-11 1999-2002 (F-XX/H-626)
Hyosung (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
GT250R 2006-2010 (F-8/H-8)
GT650R 2006-2009 (F-8/H-8)
Kawasaki (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
NINJA 250R 2008-2010 (F-25/K-25)
ZX-6/ZZR600 1990-2004 (F-14/K-750)
ZZR600 2005-2009 (F-14/K-828)
ZX6R / ZX636R / ZX6RR 2000-2004 (F-14/K-828)
ZX636R / ZX6RR 2005-2006 (F-35/K-828)
ZX6R 2007-2010 (F-88/K-828)
ZX7R / ZX7RR 1989-2003 (F-14/C-777)
ZR750 ZEPHYR 1991-1993 (F-14/K-750)
ZX9 1994-1997 (F-14/C-777)
ZX9R 1998-1999 (F-14/K-750)
ZX9R 2000-2003 (F-14/K-828)
ZX10R 2004-2005 (F-14/K-828)
ZX10R 2006-2010 (F-88/K-828)
Z750 (not Z750S model) 2007-2009 (F-21/K-828)
Z1000 2003-2006 (F-14/K-828)
Z1000 2007-2010 (F-88/K-828)
ZX1100 / ZX-11 1990-2001 (F-14/C-777)
ZRX1100 / 1200 1999-2007 (F-14/C-777)
ZX12R 2000-2005 (F-14/K-828)
ZZR1200 2002-2005 (F-14/C-777)
ZG1000 CONCOURS 1992-2006 (F-14/C-777)
ZX1400 / ZX14R / ZZR1400 2006-2010 (F-88/H-88)
GTR1400 / CONCOURS 2007-2010 (F-88/H-88)
ZXR400 all years (F-14/K-750)
GPZ500S/EX500R NINJA 1990-2009 (F-14/K-750)
ER-5 2004-2005 (F-14/K-750)
NINJA 650R (ER-6f ER-6n) 2006-2008 (F-14/K-750)
VERSYS 2006-2008 (F-14/K-750)
Z750S (not Z750 model) 2006-2008 (F-14/K-750)
NINJA 650R 2009-2010 (F-44/K-750)
Versys 2009-2010 (F-44/K-750)
ER-6N 2009-2010 (F-44/K-750)
KTM (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
990 SuperDuke 2005-2009 (F-11/M-11)
RC8 / R 2009-2010 (F-11/M-11)
690 Duke 2008-2009 (F-11/M-11)
Moto Guzzi (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
GRISO 2006-2009 (F-16/DC-80)
BREVA 1100 2006-2007 (F-16/DC-80)
NORGE 1200 2006-2007 (F-16/DC-80)
1200 SPORT 2007-2009 (F-16/DC-80)
STELVIO 2008-2009 (F-16/DC-80)
Suzuki (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
GSXR600 1997-2003 (F-14/S-248)
GSXR750 1996-2003 (F-14/S-248)
GSXR1000 2001-2004 (F-14/S-248)
GSXR600 2004-2005 (F-35/S-248)
GSXR750 2004-2005 (F-35/S-248)
GSXR1000 2005-2006 (F-35/S-35)
GSXR600 2006-2010 (F-35/S-35)
GSXR750 2006-2010 (F-35/S-35)
GSXR1000 2007-2008 (F-35/S-14)
GSXR1000 2009-2010 (F-35/S-58 or V-4)
TL1000S 1997-2001 (F-14/S-248)
TL1000R 1998-2003 (F-14/S-14)
SV1000/S 2003-2007 (F-14/S-14)
HAYABUSA/GSXR1300 1999-2007 (F-14/S-14)
HAYABUSA/GSXR1300 2008-2010 (F-41/S-14)
B-KING 2008-2009 (F-35/S-31)
GSF1200 BANDIT 2001-2006 (F-14/S-14)
GSF1250 BANDIT 2007-2009 (F-14/S-14)
DL1000/V-STROM 2002-2010 (F-14/S-14)
GSX1400 2001-2007 (F-14/S-14)
GSF650 BANDIT 2007 (F-14/S-14)
SV650/S 1999-2010(F-14/S-650)
DL650/V-STROM 2004-2010 (F-14/S-650)
600/750 KATANA 1998-2006 (F-14/S-650)
GSR600 2006-2009 (F-14/S-248)
GSX650F 2008-2010 (F-14/S-14)
GSX1250 2010 (F-14/S-14)
SFV650 GLADIUS 2009-2010 (F-14/S-248)
Triumph (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
DAYTONA 955i 1997-2003 (F-14/T-955)
SPEED TRIPLE 1997-2003 (F-14/T-955)
SRINT ST 1997-2003 (F-14/T-955)
SPRINT RS 1999-2003 (F-14/T-955)
TT 600 2000-2003 (F-14/T-955)
SPEED FOUR 2003-2004 (F-14/T-955)
SPEED FOUR 2005-2006 (F-14/T-333)
SPEED TRIPLE 2004-2007 (F-14/T-333)
SPEED TRIPLE 2008-2010 (F-35/T-333)
DAYTONA 600/650 2004-2005 (F-14/T-333)
DAYTONA 955i 2004-2006 (F-14/T-333)
SPRINT ST/RS 2004-2009 (F-14/T-333)
THRUXTON 2004-2010 (F-14/T-333)
BONNEVILLE /SE/T100 2006-2010 (F-14/T-333)
TIGER 2007-2009 (F-14/T-333)
ROCKET III 2004-2007 (F-14/T-333)
ROCKET III CLASSIC 2007-2010 (F-14/T-333)
SCRAMBLER 2006-2010 (F-14/T-333)
675 STREET TRIPLE 2008-2010 (F-14/T-333)
675 STREET TRIPLE R 2009-2010 (F-35/T-333)
DAYTONA 675 2006-2010 (F-35/T-333)
SPEEDMASTER 2006-2010 (F-14/T-333)
AMERICA 2006-2010 (F-14/T-333)
Yamaha (Brake Part #/Clutch Part #)
YZF R6 1999-2004 (F-14/Y-688)
YZF R1 1999-2001 (F-21/Y-688)
YZF R1 2002-2003 (F-14/Y-688)
YZF R6 2005-2010 (R-104/Y-688)
YZF R1 2004-2008 (R-104/Y-688)
YZF R1 2009-2010 (R-19/Y-688)
FZ6 FAZER 2004-2010 (F-16/Y-688)
FZ6R 2009-2010 (F-16/Y-688)
FZ1 FAZER 2001-2005 (F-14/Y-688)
FZ1 FAZER 2006-2010 (F-16/Y-688)
FJR 1300 2003 (F-14/C-777)
FJR 1300 2004-2010 (F-16/C-777)
XJR 1300 2004-2009 (F-16/C-777)
MT-01 2004-2009 (R-104/C-777)
R6S USA VERSION 2006-2009 (F-14/Y-688)
R6S CANADA VERSION 2006 (R-104/Y-688)
R6S CANADA VERSION 2007-2009 (F-14/Y-688)
R6S EUROPE VERSION 2006-2007 (R-104/Y-688)
XJ6 DIVERSION 2009 (F-16/Y-688)
V-MAX 2009-2010 (R-104/C-777)

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