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Brembo Racing Products

Brembo History
Brembo was founded just a few kilometres outside Bergamo in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, the father of the group's current president. While it began as a small mechanical workshop, the experience of its founder in the mechanical sector and metallurgy was soon put to good use for prestigious clients such as Alfa Romeo. 1964 was a historic year for Brembo, when the company started production of the first Italian brake discs for the spare parts market. Soon afterwards, production activities were broadened to include other braking system components, and the competence and specialisation of the company and the quality of its products and services earned international recognition. This paved the way for Brembo to become the leader in the European spare part brake disc market.

2011 was a major milestone for Brembo, as the company celebrated 50 years of business studded with extraordinary technological, sporting and commercial successes. On January 11 1961, Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda founded Officine Meccaniche di Sombreno, the original progenitor of today's Brembo. Already with them was the current group president Alberto Bombassei, who was just twenty years old at the time. This was the beginning of a half century long adventure that has led Brembo to become the undisputed leader in the braking system market. Brembo started to produce brake discs for cars in 1964 and brake systems for motorcycles in 1972, while in 1975 the company ventured into Formula 1, supplying its own braking systems for Ferrari GP cars. During this half century, through technological innovation and continuous research into materials and manufacturing processes, Brembo has become one of the world's most prestigious brands.

In 1995, Brembo was listed on the Milan stock exchange and inaugurated a strategy for growth and internationalisation, which would soon lead the company to exceed a billion Euros in turnover, operating with 36 plants in 15 different countries and a workforce of more than 6000 employees. Today, Brembo is a constantly growing industrial concern celebrating its first 50 years of quality and innovation, and a group that is more than ready to tackle the new challenges of the market.
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The acquisition of new brands and products
The activities of the Brembo Group recently extended to include the design and production of passive safety systems, with the acquisition, in 2008, of the Sabelt brand, the leading producer of racing safety harnesses and child restraint systems. In 2009, Brembo and Newmax presented the new Brembo-branded helmets for motorcyclists and scooter riders developed in a collaborative venture between the two companies. Brembo helmets are conceived to offer superior safety, comfort and design, and introduce a number of innovative features, concerning mainly the new Automatic Fit Belt helmet fastening system and the shape of the visor.

In 2010, Brembo presented the innovative Brembo Life Jacket: the first collection of airbag jackets combining protection with unparalleled comfort and style for the urban motorcyclist. That same year, Brembo launched the new Bybre brand in India: the brand dedicated to braking systems for scooters and small to mid engine sized motorcycles (up to 600 cc). The new Bybre range is produced in the Pune plant, which was inaugurated in 2009.

From 2010 the Brembo range is complete for the parts market as well: their vast experience gained in braking systems and co-operation with the major automotive manufacturers has allowed Brembo to offer a complete package of components for braking systems at maximum levels of performance, reliability and safety. A complete range of pads, shoes, drum brake kits and hydraulic components for brakes and clutches is added to the traditional offer of disks and drums intended for professionals in the parts market.

The Brembo Group
Brembo is the proprietor of the Brembo, Breco, Bybre, Marchesini and Sabelt brands and also sells products under the AP Racing brand. Brembo is the leading brand in design and manufacturing of braking systems for high performance cars and motorcycles, both street and competition, as well as commercial vehicles. Performance, Comfort and Design are the values which distinguish the brand and make Brembo products the most prestigious braking systems and components in the world.

Marchesini is the leading brand in the design, production and commercialisation of light alloy wheels for racing and street motorcycles.

AP Racing is the leading brand in the race car and motorcycle brake and clutch market. AP Racing products represent the technological state of the art and are designed, manufactured and assembled for the world's most important Formula 1, GT, Touring Car and Rally teams.

Sabelt is the leading brand in the passive safety equipment market. The brand encompasses accessories and components for the automotive industry, including seat belts, seats, footwear and garments for motorsports applications, seats for the OE market and restraint systems for infants.

ByBre is an abbreviation of “By Brembo” - is a brand dedicated entirely to braking systems for small-to-mid engine size (up to 600 cc) scooters and motorcycles for the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other countries in South East Asia (ASEAN).

Brembo: When passion becomes technology
Brembo, the undisputed global leader in the design and production of braking systems, combines passion and state of the art technology to satisfy every requisite for performance, comfort and style of the world's most desirable and exhilarating motorcycles.
Ongoing research and development - conducted both in the brand's testing centres and in every imaginable category of motorsports - gives Brembo access to technology and experience that are without par in its sector.
Brembo Original Equipment (OE) products are destined for the models of the world's most prestigious marques, among which Harley Davidson, Ducati, BMW and KTM.

Braking systems destined for hypersports bikes must deliver maximum performance in terms of braking power and control at all times. Brembo fully satisfies these requisites, transferring its extensive experience gained in motorsports to production hypersports bikes with a range of ultra-stiff braking systems consisting of radial master cylinders, radial mount calipers and floating discs.

Radial master cylinders ensure superior controllability - in other terms a linear response to the input of the rider - while floating discs (available in diameters up to 330 mm) are more resistant to high temperatures, as the steel brake rotor is capable of expanding under thermal stress.
Completing the system are Brembo radial mount calipers in cast aluminium with a triple bridge configuration for enhanced stiffness. For models at the extreme end of the performance scale, monobloc technology further optimises the ratio between weight and stiffness. For record-breaking performance, the weight of a hypersports machine must be minimized. Brembo also focuses on this important aspect, researching into the use of ever lighter materials, developing manufacturing processes for these materials and optimising the dimensions of every single component.

Brembo Racing Products
For more than 30 years, Brembo Racing braking systems have helped the most successful teams in motorsports win the world's most prestigious races. Brembo offers a comprehensive range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best in the most extreme conditions: consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures. All Brembo products for racing applications are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world's most prestigious teams, and of a manufacturing process conducted entirely in-house, from design and machining to bench and track testing. The Brembo Racing product range includes discs, calipers, master cylinders and pads specifically engineered and manufactured to offer the ideal solution for every category of motorcycle racing: from circuit and endurance racing to off-road, supermotard, trial and numerous other classes.

The Power and Precision of Brembo in MotoGP
Brembo High Performance brake calipers combine unrivalled stability with MotoGP levels of braking performance. Manufactured using specific technologies for each model, these calipers are extremely stiff under stress, ensuring precise and consistent braking performance.
The Brembo High Performance range offers the most discerning motorcyclists a choice of three front caliper lines (two-piece billet components, monoblock components and monoblock billet components) and one rear caliper line to cater fully for even the most extreme requisites.

All High Performance calipers are interchangeable with the fork mounts of the most popular European and Japanese hypersports models and fully compatible with original equipment discs as well as Brembo Supersport and T-Drive discs.

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