SC-Project dB Killer Removal

Unofficial Race Modification - Proceed at your own risk

***These modification instructions are for entertainment purposes only and may void the exhaust warranty. Our official stance, is that we must suggest that you do not proceed with these race version modifications***

Motovation must insist that this modification may only be performed for race use. We are not responsible for any legality issues in your area. This modification may increase sound, performance, and possibly emissions. We can not be held liable to any damage that occurs due to this attempted mod.

With a strict increase in European and global emission restrictions, many (street legal / Euro 4 / Euro 5, etc) laws are forcing exhaust manufacturers to implement new production policies.

If you would like to attempt to remove the dB killer from your street legal SC-Project exhaust, here is one way that our customers have advised. Please proceed at your own risk. This is not an official recommendation of Motovation.

  1. Locate the bolt area, where the dB killer is being held into place. You will notice the dB killer bolt is threaded from the outside, inward. Access to the bolt head is restricted by the exhaust end cap. You will only be able to see the "end" of the bolt from the inside.
  2. Make a small pencil mark to note the exact location of the dB killer bolt head, on the outside of the exhaust end cap.
  3. Cover this area with a few layers of masking tape, and replace your mark to indicate the exact location. Masking tape will help to keep your drill bit from wandering, and help prevent scratching.
  4. Using a high speed drill bit (stepped drill bit works best), drill a small hole, just large enough to insert a hex key and remove the dB killer bolt. A stepped drill bit will allow you to gradually increase the hole size until it is perfect. *You will be creating a hole in your carbon end cap. Use the high speed setting on your drill. The high speed drilling helps to keep the carbon from splintering.
  5. Once you remove this bolt, you will able to remove the dB killer. It seems the easiest way to remove a dB killer is to press or tap it out from the inside of the exhaust. Be very careful not to damage the internals of your exhaust. A wooden rod or broom stick seems to work very well. Light taps and pressure, should push the dB killer out of the exhaust.


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Please understand the purpose of the factory installed dB killer is to reduce the exhaust sound and exhaust emissions, in order to comply with European laws and regulations.