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Motovation frame sliders help to protect your motorcycle frame, engine and cases during a crash, slide or drop.

Comes with everything needed to install. A relatively easy install with minimal tools. Motovation frame sliders are the best way to protect your bike, and are the same quality that riders and racers have come to expect. Motovation has over a decade of research and development behind our products. Motovation slider pucks are made of a unique proprietary material and are designed for the best possible protection. Designed for street or track use.

Fairing modification is required.

Motovation Part # FSH16R

Note: Images for reference only and may vary slightly for your bike model

Note: One of the images shows the left slider installed with the lower fairing removed

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    Honda / CBR600RR / 2007, Honda / CBR600RR / 2008, Honda / CBR600RR / 2009, Honda / CBR600RR / 2010, Honda / CBR600RR / 2011, Honda / CBR600RR / 2012
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    Motovation Accessories

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Motovation 2007 Honda CBR600RR Frame Sliders Install Instructions

Congratulations! You have just purchased the world’s finest frame sliders for the 2007 Honda CBR600RR. These sliders have been designed to offer unsurpassed protection to your Honda CBR600RR in the unfortunate event of a lowside or tip over. Motovation frame sliders are designed and manufactured by a company that only makes frame sliders. Each and every model is tested for drop and slide protection. They are tough but not brittle and can also absorb a huge impact. Sportsriders around the world who have tested various models of our products on the track have all given their thumbs up after experiencing first hand, the benefits of Motovation Frame Sliders.

Please read all instructions before beginning work! These frame sliders are designed to fit specific engine mounts of your Honda CBR600RR. This kit has separate left and right pieces (left and right while sitting on the bike). It is highly recommended that you refer to your service manual before performing this installation. If you are unsure about the tightening torque, check your motorcycle's manual or for a quick reference guide.

Included in this kit: Tools Required:

2 identical frame sliders
2 x M12 x 100mm heat treated socket head cap screws

Torque Wrench
12mm allen key for Torque Wrench
14mm socket
17mm socket 
50mm hole cutter/saw

Before you begin, read the section below about fairing modification as fairing panel modifications are required for this installation

CBR600RR_Frame slider

Left Side (while sitting on bike)
Remove the lower fairing panel using a 5mm Allen key and a screw driver.
Remove the correct engine bolt using the 14mm socket wrench (see pic)
Install the left slider with the supplied socket head bolt.


CBR600RR_Frame slider

Right Side (while sitting on bike)
Remove the lower fairing panel using a 5mm Allen key and a screw driver.
Loosen the right side pinch bolt (12mm) on the right side forward engine mount.
Loosen and remove the engine mount bolt (12mm)
Insert the slider through the frame and partially insert the bolt through the slider. 
Place the spacer back into the original position and push the bolt all the way in. 
Reuse the original nut and tighten to the factory specifications.
DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.Use of some Loctite Blue is recommended on all threads.
Tighten the pinch bolt to the factory specifications.

Fairing modification instructions:
Install the slider bolts without the slider.  Engage only a few threads and re-install the fairing to mark the inside of the fairing for the pilot hole.  We sometimes coat the head of the socket screw with a non permanent marker or place some putty on the inside of the fairing so the the screw will make a mark or an indentation.  Once the center of the bolt location on the fairing is determined, it is suggested that you drill a small pilot hole to locate the engine mount. Once you have found the center, use a hole saw and cut a hole approximately 50mm in diameter. Edges can then be filed larger for perfect fit, or inaccuracies in drilling. We have found that placing masking tape on the area helps protect from scratches, cracks, etc. and a dremel is great for adjust the hole size. 
Replace the fairing panels, install the sliders in place and torque to manufacturer's specs.

Thank-you for purchasing Motovation products.  Please ride safe and always wear protective clothing.

Except as may be expressly set forth in the product invoice, MotovationUSA makes no representations or warranties as to any of the products distributed by us, expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Motorcycles can be dangerous. MotovationUSA has no control over the usage of any part and expects their customers to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any part. MotovationUSA assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of the misuse or improper application of any part in any way by any person. MotovationUSA shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages whatsoever. All matters shall be interpreted under Texas law. All merchandise distributed by MotovationUSA is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship only. Final decision will be made in a just and prompt manner. Replacement will be limited to parts only and does not include labor claims of any type. If the manufacturer has a written warranty, it will be included with the item you purchased. The manufacturer shall be solely responsible for any damage to person or property arising from design and manufacture and testing of its products and we accept no liability for such damages. We shall not be liable for consequential damages.

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