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Ballistic Performance Dry Cell Lithium Batteries

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  • Ballistic Lithium Super Light Batteries
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EVO2 is the smallest and lightest battery line from Ballistic Performance. Perfect for racing and custom applications where weight and size is the primary consideration. Extremely durable with an exceptional static self-discharge rate of only 10% per year.

  • State of the art Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFEPO4) technology.
  • Universal size and shape to be as small as possible
  • Up to 80% smaller and 10lbs lighter than the stock battery.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Exceptional Static Self-discharge Rate. Less than 10% per YEAR!
  • Dry Technology that can be mounted in any direction.
  • 6mm x 1.0mm brass terminals.
  • Foam included in the box to aid installation.
  • Extensively tested by professional race teams.
  • Designed, Developed, and Assembled in the USA.


4 Cell EVO 2 Battery

Dimensions (Standard): 2.5" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
Weight: 444 grams (.979 lb)

8 Cell EVO 2 Battery (Available in "L" for reversed polarity)

Dimensions (Standard): 4.5" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
Weight: 768 grams (1.7 lb)

12 Cell EVO 2 Battery (Available in "L" for reversed polarity)

Dimensions (Standard): 4.5" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
Weight: 1106 grams (2.44 lb)

16 Cell EVO 2 Battery

Dimensions (Standard): 4.5" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 4.25" (H)
Weight: 1633 grams (3.5 lb)


16 Cell EVO 2 HD Battery (16 Cell HD fits in the same foot print as a YTX20HL-BS)


Dimensions (Standard): 4.8" (L) x 3.4" (W) x 5.8" (H)
Weight: 1633 grams (3.5 lb)



Click Here for updated Ballistic batteries manufacturers bike model application chart to choose the proper size for your bike.


  • Make/Model/Year
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    Battery & Charging
  • Brand
  • Ballistic Lithium Super Light Batteries
    4 Cell Lithium (100-010), 8 Cell Lithium (100-011), 12 Cell Lithium (100-012), 16 Cell lithium (100-013), 8 Cell Lithium L (100-011L), 12 Cell Lithium L (100-012L), 16 Cell Lithium HD (100-014)

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Q. How is the Ballistic EVO battery different from other Lithium batteries?
A. The Ballistic Performance Components EVO battery uses custom made cells, cases, and connectors that are made specifically for the purpose of starting powersports vehicles. This is not a collection of generic commercially available parts wrapped in shrink wrap. This is a purpose built product designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA by an American company with over 20 years of professional motorcycle racing and manufacturing experience. We have made significant investments in materials, production capacity, and engineering that allow us to sell a lighter, more powerful battery at a better price and at the same time offering an exceptional 3 year pro-rated warranty.

Q. What is a pro-rated warranty?
A. A pro-rated warranty is very common in the automotive/powersports industry for wear items like batteries and tires. The standard battery warranty in the industry is one year for a free replacement. We wanted to offer something more. We also offer a free replacement warranty for the first year of ownership if the battery suffers a manufactures defect. We go one step further and after the first year of ownership we offer a 50% discount from retail on a replacement battery and in the third year we offer a 25% discount off retail on a replacement battery.

Q. Do I need a special charger?
A. No, you are not required to purchase a special charger. Most chargers will re-charge an EVO battery adequately, but because of the vast number of chargers available and the huge variance in charging specifications, the only battery charger we recommend is one of our EVO chargers. The EVO Advanced Charger is designed specifically to recover, charge, and maintain an EVO battery. The EVO Professional BMS Charger has the added functionality of utilizing the BMS port on the EVO battery to “balance charge” the EVO Cell Pack. Both chargers use special charging algorithms to charge your EVO battery in a manner that can greatly extend its life. Conventional chargers designed to charge conventional batteries may stop charging at the lower lead-acid specific charging limit of 12.8 volts. Some lead-acid specific trickle chargers may constantly charge which would leave an EVO battery at its voltage limit of 14.4v. This could cause reduced life over time. If you would like to use a maintenance charger, the EVO Advanced Charger is the best solution. EVO Advanced and EVO Professional BMS chargers always charger your EVO battery correctly, every time.

Q. Can I use trickle charger?
A. Yes, you can use a trickle charger to charge an EVO battery, but we only recommend our EVO Advanced Charger for use as a battery maintainer. Some lead-acid specific trickle chargers/maintainers apply a constant voltage which keep the quick charging EVO battery at maximum voltage all the time. This can damage the cell chemistry over time.

More FAQs can be found HERE

EVO Battery Instructions
If you prefer you can download this in PDF format.

Congratulations on your purchase of a Ballistic Performance Components EVO Battery. EVO batteries are very different in chemistry, construction, and behavior than a traditional lead-acid battery. Here are some things to consider while using your EVO battery:

Maximum Voltage: 14.4 volts
Minimum Charged Voltage: 13.2 volts
Charged Resting Voltage: 13.2 volts – 13.7 volts
Minimum Voltage: 8 volts
Standard Charge Specifications: 2amps @ 13.2 volts until the battery reaches a maximum voltage of 14.4 volts
Maximum Charge Specification: 10amps @ 13.2-14.4V or until the battery registers 14.4 volts

Failure to follow the warnings below may result in damage to the EVO Battery, damage to the vehicle, injury or death.
Do not attempt to start your vehicle with a discharged battery. If your vehicle has trouble starting, check voltage of the battery and recharge the EVO Battery.
Do not charge the EVO Battery over 14.4 volts. Overcharging the battery may cause cell damage and in extreme cases melt down, rupture, or combustion. The EVO battery will recharge very quickly compared to a lead-acid battery.
Do not short out the EVO Battery. A hard short will cause cell damage and in extreme cases melt down, rupture, or combustion.
Do not allow the EVO battery to become discharged below 8.0 volts. Excessive discharge from a parasitic draw or accidental discharge may cause cell damage. If the battery is discharged below 8.0v, recharge immediately.
Do not jump start your EVO Battery with a running vehicle. This may cause the battery to become overcharged. Do not jump start if below 10.0v. Recharge immediately with an external charger.
Do not puncture, rupture, submerge in liquid, or expose to direct heat. Puncture, rupture, exposure to direct heat or submerging in liquid will damage the battery and in extreme cases cause melt down, rupture, or combustion.

The best method for charging your EVO battery is to use the Ballistic EVO Advanced Charger. You can also use a conventional automotive or motorcycle based charger to recharge your EVO Battery, but be sure you don't under charge or over charge the EVO Battery with an unknown charger. When using a conventional charger please check the following:
The charger should have an automatic cut-off at 14.4V to prevent over charging.
If you are using an automatic charger, be sure it does not have an automatic “desulfication” mode. This is a lead-acid specific function that can damage the EVO cells.
Some conventional automatic chargers have charging parameters based around lead-acid voltage specifications which are lower than EVO voltage specifications. If your automatic charger shuts off at 12.8 volts then it will never fully charge a EVO battery with a minimum charged voltage of 13.2v.
Do not charge a Ballistic battery over 14.4 volts. Over charging an EVO Battery may cause overheating of the cells and critical battery failure.

EVO batteries are charged before shipping. Although EVO lithium batteries have an exceptional self–discharge rate of only 10% per year, they do discharge over time. Please check voltage before installing to insure that your battery has at least 13.2 volts. If your battery is below 13.2 volts, please charge the battery according to our charging instructions. EVO batteries are in some cases smaller than the OEM battery. EVO batteries are not original equipment replacements and the size, shape, terminal location, and terminal configuration may be different than the original battery. Some modification may be required to install the EVO battery in your power sports vehicle. We sell several cable extension kits and quick disconnect kits to aid in installation. Also, there is foam that comes in the packaging that can be used to take up the extra space in the OEM battery box. Please be sure that the battery is secure, insulated from vibration, and the terminals are free from coming in contact with conductive material that could short out the battery. If the battery is used in an extremely wet environment, it is recommended to protect the electrical connections, especially the BMS port, with dielectric grease.

The EVO battery will not discharge like a traditional lead-acid battery so unless your powersports vehicle has a parasitic draw like an alarm, immobilizer, or Lowjack that draws energy from the battery when the switch is off, there is no need to use a maintenance charger. If your bike does have a parasitic draw, we recommend the use of the EVO Advanced Charger as a maintenance charger or simply disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. It is important to note that although your EVO battery may have more cranking amps than the conventional lead-acid battery, it may also have less amp/hours and will be affected more dramatically by a parasitic draw. We offer Quick Disconnect Kits to make disconnecting the EVO battery for extended storage as easy as possible. If left static (nothing drawing from the battery) an EVO battery will discharge at a rate of around 10% per year.

Cold Weather:
Ballistic Performance Components EVO batteries behave differently in cold weather (below 32°F or 0°C) than traditional lead acid batteries. A traditional lead-acid battery delivers maximum current at the first initial draw and then degrades from there. EVO batteries actually get stronger with each successive draw. In cold weather the EVO battery has the ability to generate its own internal heat energy by putting a draw on the battery. In cold weather, the EVO battery may need to have a draw put on the battery several times before it is up to temperature and ready to deliver maximum amperage. We rate the EVO battery with an operating environment of 0°F (-18°C) to 140°F (60°C). We strongly advise all of our customers to view our “cold starting procedures” video.

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